English Language GCSE - Help and Information *READ THIS*

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This what each question is on and what you should do.

Read through texts and plan for 15 minutes.

Question 1:
-12 minute
- Focus on effects and what YOU learn

Question 2:
- 12 minutes
- Look at how pictures and heading emphasize what's written in the text.
- Look out for Irony, Alliteration or Triplets in the title and then link to the text.

Question 3:
- 12 minutes
- Writers thoughts and feelings
- Interpret what they say in different ways and use quotes

Question 4:
- 24 minutes
- Compare
- Talk about both texts throughout
- Focus specifically on language and individual words

Question 5:
- 24 minutes
- Describing/Informing the reader
- Identify purpose and audience
- Work out tone depending on the form
- Choose an actual experience
- Use emotive language, describe, keep it short and effective

Question 6:
- 36 minutes
- Tests ability to argue or persuade
- Use emotive language, hyperbole, irony, rhetorical questions
- You should try and plan
- If you do an argument you need to have a counter argument
- Use AFOREST (alliteration, facts, opinions, rhetorical questions, emotive language, statistics and triplets)

Anyone doing the higher paper need to put quotes in each question or you won't be able to get in to the highest band. Also choose words and short snippets.

Lastly make it all very methodical and easy to read.
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(Original post by studentm7)
This is great advice, thanks for writing this up!

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