The usa 1945-70 exam on monday!!! Help!!!

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I am pretty confident for the exam on Monday, but their are a few things which I can't find in detail on the internet and I didn't learn in class in depth and I was hoping someone would be able to help me with the following.
1) The opposition groups, such as the KK, and their methods.
2) How views on segregation change.
3) Malcom X and his message
4) Influences on Kennedy to promote civil; rights
5) The aims and tactics of the Black Power groups
6) How the USA changed after the Second World War
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2) The media played a large role in why attitudes towards the civil rights movement changed. Little Rock demonstrated black peoples' passiveness in the face of violence and the jailing of 2000+ (mostly children) black people in the Birmingham Peace March also contributed. This stuff was televised across the USA, hence moderating some white people's views and losing support for the opposition to the movement.

3) Malcolm X sought separatism (i.e blacks & whites could never cooperate) and promoted black power (infamous hand gesture). His views changed when he visited Mecca in 1964 - his views became slightly less extreme and therefore some members of the Nation of Islam assassinated him.

4) Freedom Riders put pressure on Kennedy in 1961. The Kennedies set up the Voter Education Project in 1962 to help more blacks to vote. The violence of the Birmingham Peace March further pressured Kennedy to act as he began to prepare a Civil Rights Bill.

6) WW2 provided opportunities for black Americans so their lives improved somewhat and many migrated to the north from the south due to the mobilisation of industry. Many became skilled workers and could serve in the armed forces. Blacks were inferior in the forces (they had menial/dangerous jobs). The Double V campaign supported equality and led to armed forces being desegregated in 1948. The FEPC was also established to attempt to remove segregation from government associated businesses.

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