Can anyone mark my Q1 for English language exam tomorrow?

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I would be really grateful if anyone could mark this Q1. I really do need help which can be seen through the way I answered the question So I picked a random article from BBC website ( and wrote an 12 minute answer of ' What do I understand about this article'. This is my answer:

This article is about Newcastle university using supercomputers to predict and simulate how climate change may cause floods up to 5 times number of event as today.

From this article, I commence that global upwarming may significantly increase "extreme" summer downpours in parts of UK. The reasons behind this has not been stated, however I believe this is due to water evaporation and condensing more. Interestingly, later in the text, it signifies that this result was only done using one computer model. I therefore understand that the results may be biased and more models and faster computers are needed to make this result more reliable- in which takes time and money which I will explain in my last paragraph.

To enhance the point that this article is biased, the title states that there will be more 'floods'. On the other hand, the university only concluded that there will be more "rain" due to the climate change. More rain does not conclude that there will be more floods. I understand that it is only an opinion that there will be more floods, making the source unreliable.
Finally, I also understand that the supercomputer used to create this simulation took "nine months". From this, I decipher that our current technology may not be powerful enough to deliver faster simulations as it may be needed in specific amount of time- in which the current supercomputers lack off. The article therefore encourages universities to also develop better supercomputers to get a more reliable and expeditious simulations which indeed may save lives.

Finished Someone, please mark this, I really do need to improve
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