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    I have a bit of a problem.
    I've applied and been accepted (conditionally) at Kent and Nottingham to study Philosophy&Religious Studies (or Theology).

    I really LOVE Kent, But my parents think I should go to Nott as it's a 'better' university on the whole.
    I can see their point,
    but i a) Love Kent's course
    b) It's closer to home
    c) Felt much more comfortable at Kent ie. surroundings/people.

    The Guardian rate Kent's teaching of Philo at 16, whereas Nott is 28
    The times say Kent's teaching of philo is 24, and Nott 30.

    Theology is the opposite, but to the league tables don't account for religious studies, only THEOLOGY which is not the same as what kent teach..

    What do I do?
    Go where I love,or where I'm less happy about going.. for the sake of it being a 'better' uni,(The league tables don't seem to worry me as much as they do other people...but how important IS it to do a 1st degree at a top uni?)

    I'm reasonably bright, (AAAB at AS) Would going to Kent not push me enough?
    Should that change my decision?

    I'm pretty sure I want to spend 3 years at kent..But recently my parents seem to doubt my decision. I know they only want the best for me..But it's confusing.

    There is a 10%more drop out rate at Kent.

    So..do i listen to my heart, or my parents/league tables/general conceptions..or have I got it all COMPLETELY wrong?

    Many thanks
    * Poppy *

    It looks like your the only one who can really make this decision. It depends entirely on how much emphasis you put on prestiege of the university and how happy you will be. When you go to Kent, you may be happy in the short term, but bear in mind that if you went to Nottingham, you may actually be happier in the long-term as you may be able to find a better job with a degree from a more prestigous university.

    And I agree with you, I absolutely love Canterbury. My grandad used to live there so I have many happy memories of the city. In my opinion its more beautiful than Oxford could ever be (I dont know about Cambridge as I've never been there). Kent has the most splendid countryside in England, and when I'm studying at London, I hope to be able to escape to the Kentish countryside frequently.

    Well out of those two I'd chose Nottingham, but it's not like Kent is a bad Univeristy- just that Nottingham is a much better one overall. I supose at the end of the day, how much that would matter would depend on what you want to do with your degree.

    The times subject table is for Theology and Religious Studies, but I don't think it matters as they're the same general area. They have Nottingham at 6 and Kent at 29, but to be honest I wouldn't pay too much attention to the individual subjects rankings, as most employers etc will be more interested in the overall rankings.

    If you really think you'd be happier at Kent, then go there. There's no point going to Nottingham if you'd be unhappy.

    In terms of reputation - don't worry. Go to the place which is going to get the best out of your abilities, and if you feel more suited to Kent, go! At the end of the day, if you're happy at Kent and come out with a 2:1 through sheer motivation - then that's better than being down at Nottingham, and getting a 2:2. However, I'm sure whichever Uni you go to; you'll have the time of the life at.

    I agree with those above. If the place and course are more important to you, go for Kent! It's still a good Uni. I'm going there despite being accepted at "better" Unis because I fell in love with the campus and course. I don't know too much about Nottingham Uni, but I didn't like the city as a place to live, whereas I think I'll be much happier in Canterbury.

    Good luck! x

    I chose my first uni because I liked the place rather than on the rankings and I regret it. I loved my uni and had a great time and feel I got great teaching BUT you need the prestige to get a really competitive grad job these days.
    I'm not saying that you wouldnt get a job from Kent at all, its a good uni and I know people who have had a great time there but I think that Notts is the place to be at the moment and its rep is excellent and you would have significantly better career prospects from Notts because it is a better uni overall. But if you arent going to like Notts you are the one that has to be there for three years so theres no point making yourself unhappy about it.
    Its a tough choice, I now wish that I had gone for a higher ranked uni I had the offers and I think I was foolish and unambitious but thats me and noone else can judge your circumstances.

    I would pick Nottingham. Because not all degree courses are the same, and generally the more prestigious courses are more challenging, and you're obviously a clever bunny and I reckon you'd find the Nottingham course more stimulating.
    Have you looked at the optional modules at Nottingham? It's my insurance for philosophy and they have loads of interesting-looking ones, although I suppose it depends what you're in to.
    Nottingham's a nice city. I choose to ignore the enthusiastic claims made on here sometimes about it being so crime-ridden. It has a DNA and a big H&M if shopping's your thing. Also there's a bus that goes to Sherwood forest if you want to go and play Robin Hood.
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