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There's so many different types of entertainment that it can be sometimes be hard to try and find people who like your type of music or books or whatever. However, at TSR we like to make things easy for you so I've put together a list of groups that you may want to join or inspire you to make your own on things you care about.

Firstly GeorgeBuxey94 has come up with a brilliant suggestion of having a Film Watching Society. Each Friday you guys will watch a film you've voted on earlier in the week and discuss it! What a great way to relax and get to chat with people who share your love of films?!

Or if you're all about live shows and specifically musicals then onetwotri has created an thread for discussion of broadway and musicals. I know there's a lot of people on TSR who love musicals and on this thread we can all have lively debate about which is best and our favourite songs etc. AMAZING!

Pheylan's thread is all about the great TV you can watch from the comfort of your own if you like shows like Game of Thrones, Community, Breaking Bad or any other good TV then it's a great society for you to all chat and have a nice time talking about what's on the box.

Finally, after seeing all these great threads I was inspired to make my own. I know lots of people on TSR love sci fi and fantasy books so I created a sci fi/fantasy novel society where we can all congregate to have fun discussion about these amazing genres!

So there you go - lots of different threads with lots of great places to chill out with people with common interests! Go ahead and set up other societies and get people involved so that everyone will find multiple places to hang with their best friends!

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