St. John's with part funding vs. Homerton with full funding for MPhil?

Poll: Which option would you pick for MPhil funding?
St. John's with half-maintenance (top up with personal savings) (2)
Homerton with full maintenance (4)
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Hi all - I'm currently in a very enviable dilemma as regards my MPhil funding (as a pre PhD course) due to being reclassified as a UK/Home student having first been classed as EU - without going into details this has essentially given me two funding packages to choose from:

1) St John's (already accepted) - fees paid and half of standard PhD maintenance rate; OR
2) Homerton (now being offered) - fees paid and full maintenance rate

Part of me feels it's crazy to even consider turning down extra funding but for me the college choice and experience is very important too. I know as a grad student college is less important but still for me it's a big factor.

I do have savings to 'top up' option 1, but obviously would prefer not to use this if possible. I don't want to regret however losing out on the experience by just going for the higher funding.

My question: If I discuss my other offer with St. John's, how likely are they to part or fully match the difference in funding in order to 'keep me'?

I'd be interested to know your thoughts on this and more generally...

The above is caveated with the fact that I realise I'm in an incredibly lucky position to even have a choice, and I am very grateful for the funding.

Thanks for your input
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Take the full funding. Not only will it save you money, but it will also, if you're thinking of continuing on to the PhD, look very good on your applications.

At grad level, the college *really* isn't important. You can instead get very involved in your faculty's life, and meet people through hobbies etc. Besides, Homerton is a nice college with a good community, quite close-knit since it's not as close to the centre.

St John's is overwhelmed by applications from very good students every year. I doubt they will take the bait of 'matching' your funding- they don't really have much interest in 'keeping you' when they can easily get someone of equal or even better calibre. Besides, at this point in the year they only consider funding applications from current students - so, undergrads moving to MPhil or PhD, and current MPhils going on to the PhD. So I imagine that their offer is pretty final (I'm a current John's grad).

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