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    Here's how it went:
    Applied for English/English Lit. 2006 entry:

    Bristol (firm) AAA offer but no general studies
    Sheffield (insurance) ABB offer

    I got A in English, A in French, A in general studies but a B in Class. Civ.
    So i missed my Bristol offer. My teacher rang and they said no immediately to a changed offer. However, i'm now not sure what to do. I'm getting an emergency remark but this is pretty unlikely to change my mark (i got 473/600, 7 UMS off an A). How long do emergency remarks take, and do i need to notify the university? What's the chance of going up by 7 UMS if i have three modules remarked?
    Assuming that I don't get the A in C.c., should i go to Sheffield, or should i take a gap year and reapply, after resitting C.C. I don't know much about Sheffield, but it's much lower than Bristol in the overall league tables. I'm just confused right now
    Thanks for any advice, rep naturally will be forthcoming :p:

    Sheffield is a very good university though, perhaps jump on a train and just go see what you think of the university before you decide not to accept your place there?
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    The city is also really nice. Much better than most cities I've been to. And its going through a total revamp as well. Ultimately its up to you, only you really know what you want.
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    go for the remark, but to have sheffield as an insurance is a very good option.

    you'll have an absolutely fab time wherever you end up. i've just had a browse on the sheffield english website and the moduels actually look very interesting.

    taking a year out wouldn't change your grades and i personally think that heading straight off to sheffield, a very good uni, would be far more profitable than waiting a year and going to a similarly decent establishment with AAB offers. also, don't forget that certain unis will be requesting individual module marks next year.

    i say research or even visit sheffield - if you don't like it, don't go, but if you havn't got any problems then give it a go. everyone's preconceptions of a university are different to the actual experience they have when getting there. i don't think you'd look back really.

    First, go for the remark. See what you get.

    If you want to resit then you can. Take a gap year and either work or travel or something...

    Then worst come to the worst you just go to Sheffield, which has a good reputation as a Uni (even if it is lower in the rankings) and its not a bad place.

    I think that you should definitely visit sheffield before you accept a place there. You can do this while you are waiting for your remark results, and i would notify Bristol about the remarks too.
    I think that a remark will take a couple of weeks, i think it needs to get here before the courst start dates etc but i would phone up the exam board to find out. As for 7 UMS marks, thats not a lot so if you feel you did well then theres every chance it could go up but just remember that your marks could go down aswel!

    Sheffield is a great Uni, i loved it and really regretted not putting it as my insurance choice, but you have to see it for yourself to see if you think you would be happy there.
    I think that people pay too much attention to league tables sometimes! I admit that i did it myself at first but as long as it isnt right down at the bottom then it will be fine!

    Sheffield university is cool, like some other people have said take a couple of days and go and see it.

    But just a little bit of advice for future applicants...go and see your insurance choice and make sure you like it before choosing it on the certainty that you will get into your firm because nothing is ever firm in a-level marks lol. I went to see mine and would have been ecstatic in either one of them!

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