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I couldn't keep up with the time space though I managed to (almost) finish on the dot. I could have done way better.

It was 4 essay questions in the time limit of 1hr 30 minutes.

First of all I wrote utter rubbish all the way through. I did write a lot of points but thinking about it, it's no where near a C grade or above. You know how it's essay questions? Well since I'm a super slow writer I ended up writing the intro and conclusions in paragraphs which is fine but I wrote in bullet point format for the main body on the last three questions.

On the plus side, the bullet points were in full sentences, and I used connectives etc, but on the negative side, they were bullet points! It's not like I was writing short hand but still, time ran out on the last essay and I just left the conclusion hanging like 'and t...'. Then I ran out.

I spoke to my teacher about it and he said as long as they're in full sentences it should be ok. But I still did terribly, repeating myself, super messy writing and what not. Now I've another exam in a week for the same subject and that'll be either hell or not.

I gave up aiming for higher grades as I've been putting up with depression and family problems for years now, so a grade C or B would be fine in this subject. Though I'm expecting an A* in another subject and a B (or C at the least) in another, and they've gone quite well so far, I guess. Apart from this one :mad:.

What can I do? I think I'll flop unit 2 next week and I'm completely in depressive mode again

I'm so stressed with everything and if I flop next week and get lower than a C grade in this subject overall, my life is over. Should I just accept that I'm a failure in this subject? Ive been revising but it won't even help. And I revise in the best way I can.
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I did the same thing in my IGCSE English Language exams a couple of years back, and still came up a single mark off an A. I totally bombed the first paper, doing exactly what you just described, plus the family problems. I feel ya :console:.

Here's what you need to do. Revise past papers daily between now and the next exam. Do not spend the entire day working - make sure that you go out and get some exercise. When I mean exercise, I mean swimming/cycling/jogging etc, not walking to the shops and back. I always find that that helps alleviate pre-exam nerves. At this stage, you're not going to learn anything new about the subject, so don't revise like there is something that you don't know at this stage. You know enough. The key now is to do the optimal amount revision to make sure that you are both relaxed and prepared during the exam, and not the maximum amount of revision, which will leave you stressed out and sluggish both in mind and body.

And another thing, you're life is not over if you don't make the grade this time around. That is what resits are for.

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