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Ok so here is my situation. There is a possibility that i messed up my A levels and i don't get a place in uni. This means that i would take a gap year and take another a level with retaking one or two exams. I am currently finishing Maths, Physics and Biology (dropped chemistry). I would like to do an easy a level that has fair exams. I am not so great with essay technique so i would prefer a subject with brief answers in the exam (I would not mind an essay question at the end as long as the exam mainly consists of brief answers). Would it be worth doing a subject with coursework if i am taking it outside the school but have a tutor to help me and do you guys have any suggestions for which subject i should take? I need at least a B grade.
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Choosing an A-Level that you attained well in at GCSE is a safe bet, as you know you can achieve well in it. Coursework based subjects (such as ICT, Design Tech, Resistant Mats, Textiles, Food Tech) would allow you to perfect the coursework over the year so you know you will come out with a respectable grade, but it really depends on your personal preference. If you enjoy the subject you are taking, you will naturally achieve better in it.

We can easily rule out English Lang, English Lit, History, and Philosophy as they all involve really big long 40+ mark essays :L

Good luck

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