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I was just wondering if anyone has certain revision techniques, specifically when memorising sociologists and the studies they've done.
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I tend to make a list of the main sociologists associated with the topic I am focusing on
So I'll make a list (which looks something like this);

Name: - Theory/Study

Name: - Theory/Study

Name: - Theory/Study

Then I rewrite this onto flash cards, dedicating one flash card to each sociologist, and make the theory/study condensed
It'll come to a point where I link the name with one or two words from the main theory, so when I see the main keywords in a question, that person's name instantly pops into my head (or the other way around, I'll think of the theorists name and then the words associated with them come to mind)

Colours help, I don't know if that helps, but I'm a visual learner so like I said about the whole flashcard thing, I'll have flashcards that are set colours for each topic (e.g. suicide is orange, Durkheim, Douglas etc will have their own cards which are also orange) and because I have one card dedicated to each theorist and I find it easier to visualise in my head and recall

Hope this helped

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