I really need some advice! - about going to uni or reapplying (economics) Watch

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i'll try and keep it short.

this summer i got:

economics B
maths B
physics C
AS english B

my AS grades for economics, maths and physics are all A (though last summer i had a B in maths and physics). but i got too laid back on the A2 stuff so got these crappy grades.

i declined my conditonal offers because i changed my mind in what i wanted to study and if i was going to take a gap year or not (i know stupid)

i want to study economics and am planning to take a gap year while doing some more retakes to get AAA i would only need to take 5 exams (i REALISTICLY think this can be done all for jan exams).

I was woundering how this would hurt my chances of getting in to say warwick, ucl, bristol next year, considering im already a year older (i changed schools through my first AS year becuase i wasnt happy, but took no exams) and how bady admissions tutors would hold it against me. my reference will be strong.

or should i just suck it up, and not take 4 years to do my a-levels, (also how would being older hurt my chances in getting a good job in the city lets say)

ive got offers waiting and really should decide tonight!
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Your age should not come into it. Unis are all for encouraging 'mature' students (of which you're not even one yet, you're still young really). You may get asked why it took 4 years to do 'A' levels, but if you are honest with them and really impress in your PS how keen you are, it shouldn't be much of a problem.

I think, really, it comes down to personal drive. If you REALLY want to do it, and know you can make it work, then follow your heart and your goals. If you are the sort of person who finds it hard to commit to plans and loses interest quickly, maybe another course of action would be best.

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