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Hey guys!

I need a bit of help. I've just finished my final year and I've just been offered a job at Topshop as a sales advisor, contracted 37.25 hours a week, and I'm so happy. On the same day, I was also invited for an interview for an MA at the London College of Fashion starting this September. I'm going to attend the interview, and see what happens. But if I do get offered a place, I'm not sure what to do.. I was thinking of asking to reduce my Topshop hours so I can do both... but I don't know if they'll let me because I'm new. Then I thought if this happens, about deferring my place on the course for a year, and then next yr if I still want to do the course and reduce my hours then, they'd be more willing to as they'd have known me for a year, and then I'd be able to do both (and maybe change the course to part-time?) Both are great opportunities and I don't know what to do. I definitely don't want to leave the job to study the MA on it's own, as TopShop's such a great company to work for. I'll be in the Oxford Circus store, and it's also great for career development onto buying, styling, and visual merchandising etc. That's another reason why I'm not sure about the course, as I'm not sure if it's essential if I can succeed that way. But ultimately, I think doing both would be great, and create the most opportunities for me. I also don't really want to defer and do the course later at the age of 22, and if I do it part time, I'd finish 2 yrs later instead of the 1 yr full time. What do you guys think? Has anyone been in a similar dilemma or tried to reduce their hours at TopShop and what was that like? I'd love to hear what other people working in Topshop or doing the MA course think too... Thanks So much to think about! And surely people/student need to reduce their hours after summer anyways to go to uni? And some people even lie about being flexible just so they can get a job and then leave... I definitely didn't do this.... I am fully flexible and this was going to be my job for a while as I've finished uni, and had nothing else... But now this opportunity has come upI really don't know what to do

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