AQA Classical Civilisation - Aeneid/Persian Wars modules

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Did anybody else on here do these? There didn't seem to be a thread open, but those were the modules my college offered, and I'd be interested to know what people thought of the exam!
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I taught the Persian Wars paper.

The 40 markers seemed very fair - same old questions as ever, they've asked variations on the "differences in leadership" and "Athenian bias as opposed to Greek bias" questions loads of times before. First one you can go with the character comparisons pretty easily and do synoptic comparison on Xerxes and Darius in particular - throw in some Pausanias for Herodotus if you're feeling cheeky, perhaps? Second one is pretty standard again - lots of examples of the Athenians being the focal point as opposed to any of the other Greeks (indeed others barely even mentioned in Aeschylus), Herodotus taking a break before describing Thermopylae just to say "oh yeah, everyone agrees the Athenians won the war", Darius and "remember the Athenians" (not the Eretrians), Salamis in both texts etc. etc. etc.

I thought the 10 markers were a little weird - but then I've found the 10 markers on previous papers to be a bit weird in a different way. These ones were much more like the Tragedy 10 markers - basically, "what effect does this bit have on the rest of the narrative" - but on the Herodotus prescription that's a bizarre question to ask since it's a historical narrative (IMO). Not that either were massively difficult questions - just a bit weird.

My pupils sat the Aeneid paper but I don't teach it so I can't really comment there - had a quick look, seemed pretty normal (the usual Augustan-themed 40 marker appeared, I see...)

Hope the papers treated you well. Not sure if I'll teach Persian Wars again next year - the class found reading Herodotus a real drag and I failed to make it particularly exciting compared to the Aeschylus (where even though they thought it was stupid it at least produced some kind of reaction and discussion). They all answered the Aeschylus question in Section A!

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