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Kingston .vs. Brunel watch

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    Okay, so I have a vague idea of what I may want to do for uni (after my practically replyless "lost in it all" thread)

    At the moment I'm stuck between two courses, in two unis (I'm entering for 07 btw before anyone even begins to think of clearing 06).

    On one side, I have Design Joint Honours with (whatever I decide to joint it with, Media Technology or Psychology or Business Administration, I dunno) at Kingston.


    Hmm.....apparently these are the only courses I can joint with the Design. >_>

    On the other side I have Media Technology and Design at Brunel.

    Ok, what I want to know is, which uni would be the best out of these two considering my choice? I'm looking for an overall sorta evaluation, i.e. crime rate (I've heard Kingston is low in crime compared to the rest of London), prestiege (which is regarded as better, esp. by employers), ability in teaching the classes (i.e. equipment, skill level, etc), student life, everything. I wanna be close to the city but not be in super congested horrible smoke land high crime type area. (which is why some of you may suggest Kingston, >_>)

    Which course would also serve me better? I'm looking for a broad design spectrum in which I can choose a whole range of graphic and video and film based technical modules and whatnot, but also want some sort of "anchor" as it were so I don't end up completely in design and still have some....say....business relevance or psychology or whatnot. This is why I'm thinking of the Joint Honours in Kingston because of the fact that I can amend a different thing as opposed to being straight up lumped with Media Technology and Design. Or maybe it's not like that, I dunno. >_>

    Which one does the Design edge of the course "better" as it were?

    I've tried looking at the league tables but they bundle these two about everywhere, up and down and up and I don't have a clue which one would be better in the long run. I also have no clue what I'm gonna get for my A Levels (my school is releasing them on the 28th for some GODFORSAKEN reason) but my ASes were AABBD (the D was thinking skills, we were very badly prepared for it so I'm retaking it this year)

    So yeah, any help would be great.

    Hi there,

    I've visited both unis so may be able to help you a bit.


    One of the "modern" universities, but personally I didn't let that put me off.

    Location and Campus..... The campus my course is on is Kingston Hill which is nice, very modern and with good facilities, however I believe some of the other campuses are not so good.... depends where your course is based at. Kingston Hill campus is located between Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common so there's lots of greenery nearby. The only other campus I've seen is Roehampton Vale which is a much smaller campus. Again it looked quite nice but I only saw that from the outside.
    It takes about 25 mins on the train to Central London so it's quite easy to get there. Road links are good, but it is a very busy area so traffic jams are common.

    Reputation....... Kingston's reputation is quite good I would say. Ok so it's not exactly Oxbridge, but it's certainly one of the best "modern" unis. I found the tutors friendly, and my course seemed good. They're quite keen on vocational skills, hence my course includes a sandwich year which I think will be useful. I don't know whether it's good for your course or not though, sorry!


    Brunel is an older university, and is situated higher up the rankings than Kingston. For this reason their entry requirements tend to be higher (for me Brunel offered BBC, wheras Kingston was CCC)

    Location and Campus....... Brunel is situated near to Uxbridge in West London. I think it's a bit farther out from Central London than Kingston but could be wrong. The town itself is quite nice, there's plenty to do I would say, but I found the area immediately around the uni to be a bit "dead." It's almost in the middle of a housing estate, so that could be good or bad depending on how you look at it Personally I wasn't so keen... I would say Kingston is a nicer area. I also found the Brunel campus to be a little dark and depressing.... it's very 1960's, although inside the facilities seemed good and the accommodation was nice.

    Reputation..... It really depends on the course I guess. Overall its probably considered a "better" uni than Kingston since it's older and more established. However they were a bit disorganised on the day I went. The course seemed good though. Really depends on what your course is like.


    Even though Brunel is a more prestigious uni, I personally chose Kingston over Brunel for the reasons that I preferred the location and course. I just got a better "feel" for Kingston. I decided not to make my decision only on league table placings and apparent prestige. Better to go to a place that you feel happy IMO.

    Hope that helps a bit Really you need to visit them both.

    Check the prospectuses and ask the admissions about the modules, specifically. That way you will know which course is more tailored to your needs. As long as the university isn't a failing university, reputation does not matter. You want a university that teaches you all the skills your ideal employer would want. Just remember not to bring anything expensive with you, talk dumb, be dumb, and make it apparent that you are not rich or smart. That way, nobody will rob/assault/target you.

    Beware, acting dumb may have a negative impact on you if used on a lecturer. ¬_¬
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