Can You Answer A Few Questions As Part Of A Small Survey Please (5mins)?

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Hello! This survey is on the topic of Media-Science relationships. It would be hugely appreciated if you could take a few minutes of your time (need this for coursework). Thanks in advance. I have tried to copy and paste from Word so it may look slightly messy. Options for questions are underneath the questions.

This survey aims to find whether there are correlations between the media and attitudes towards science. Personal details such as names and addresses are not necessary. By participating in the survey; you acknowledge that individual data will not be traced back to the original person, and agree that data will be analysed collectively to find existing patterns.

Start of survey.

• Please state your Age:

Under 10 11-16 17-21 22-30 31-44 45+

• Please state your Gender:

Male Female Prefer not to say

• Do you hold a Science related qualification from ‘A*’ - ‘C’ or equivalent, e.g. - GCSE or BTEC?

Yes No Prefer not to say

• To the most accurate degree as possible; how much of your average day would you say is influenced by media presence, e.g. - how long may you spend watching news programmes or reading newspapers per day?

Less than an hour 1-4 hours Over 5 hours

• Scientific breakthroughs are often introduced to the public through the media.
How well do you think the media covers topics such as ‘The Causes of Cancer’ in average? (Tick any that apply)

-Too much detail, boring, or complicated. -Too little detail or too vague.

-I sometimes feel overwhelmed or scared. - I usually feel comfortable.

• Some people claim that medical and astrology reports in particular tend to focus on a particular audience, using claims that there are often little attempts to explain complicated phrases that ‘lay people’ are likely to find difficult to comprehend, for example.
Do you believe that media reports are easily understood by different audiences?

-I believe that most reports are presented well as they are, but there is always room for improvement.

-I believe that reports are generally covered well as they are, and that it is the fault of the public if they do not understand a concept.

-I believe that there is dire need to make a better effort to ensure comprehension over multiple audiences.

• Which of the following areas of science are you most interested in/are most concerned about? (Pick three)

Disease & Illness Medicine/Drugs Artificial Life

Efficient Energy Astronomy/Astrophysics Sustainable Crops


• TV reports, documentaries, and online videos are all effective ways to encourage the public into science. Are you more likely to recall more information from a scientific video than if you were told the same information from a firsthand person, a teacher – for example?

Yes No Unsure

• Do you have any scientific role models?

Yes No Unsure

If yes; please elaborate who, and if possible; how you first heard about/ saw them (e.g. - “I saw Prof. Brian Cox on Stargazing Live”).

End of survey.
Thank you.

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