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Hi, we have our French writing VERY soon and i cannot get my french teacher to correct this for me as it is against the GCSE rules If anyone is very good at French or fluent i would appreciate some help. I am aiming for an A* because i am very good at remembering long pieces of text- even if i don't know what they mean! Here it is:

Pendant une journée typique à St Mary’s College, nous avons huit cours qui est trop, à mon avis. Après les trois premières cours, je suis très fatigue. Les élèves commencent à mal se conduire à la fin de la journée et on dit que ce n'est pas à cause des cours, mais qui est faux. La meilleure chose est que les garçons faire plus de blagues et il peut alléger l'atmosphère. Quand j’étais plus jeune, à pépinière, le garçons était gentil et mignon mais maintenant il est une catastrophe!

Si j'étais la directrice, j’aurais changer une quantité de choses sur mon école mais en particulier les profs. Je crois que je le ferais l’école de filles car le garçons est très enquiquinant dans le cours. Si j'avais le choix, j'abolirais le sport et ainsi mes amis et moi ne devrions pas jouer plus à le foot, rugby ou le tennis. Je voudrais également que mon collège idéal soit très détendu, donc les étudiants ne porteraient pas d'uniforme et j'introduirais plus de voyages scolaires.

Dans l'avenir, Je voudrais aller à lycée dans une Français qui s’appelle Montebello. Je vais commencer un ané d'avance car l’école Angleterre finissons une ané plus tôt que le français. Je vais étudier mon Bac S pour trois ans. Donc, je vais aller à université en retard. J’aimerais aller à Oxford ou Cambridge mais je crains que cela pourrait ne pas être la réalité. Sinon, j’ai l'intention d'aller à université dans la République Tchèque car il est libre et je ne vais pas être en mesure de payer pour mon université.

Here is what it is meant to say:

In this article, I will talk about my education in England. I hate it because you have to wear a uniform, this annoys me. The ties are an impediment to everyday life. They are not only annoying but the tie is not practical. I admit that some think it is presentable for school and they're right.

During a typical day St Mary's College, we have eight classes and that is too much in my opinion. After the first three classes, I am very tired. Students begin to misbehave at the end of the day and they say it is not because of the classes, but that is false. The best thing is that boys make more jokes and it can lighten the mood. When I was younger, in the nursery, the boys were nice and cute but now it is a disaster!

If I were the director, I would change a lot of things on my school, but especially teachers. I think I would make it an all girls school because boys are very irritating in lessons. If I had the choice, I would abolish sports and so my friends and I should not play any more football, rugby or tennis. I would like my ideal college to be relaxed, so students do not wear uniform and I would introduce more school trips.

In the future, I would go to a school in France called Montebello. I'll start an year in advance as England finish school a year earlier than the French. I will study my Bac S for three years. Therefore, I will go to Uni late. I want to go to Oxford or Cambridge but I fear that this might not be the reality. If not, I intend to go to university in the Czech Republic because it is free and I will not be able to pay for my university.

Thanks a lot

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