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A massive and hopeless situation of unrest has arisen in the whole of Sri Lanka as a Buddhist terrorist group (BBS) has instilled fear amongst all the minorities here in Sri Lanka. The government has taken action so far and it is understandable that this was all the plan of the government to silence the voice of the minorities. Houses have been burnt, shops destroyed and it is learnt that instead of protecting the people, the police have opened fire instead. A Buddhist monk, Gnanasara Thera who is heading the attacks and the hurl of disgusting abuse towards Muslims stating that this would be the end of Muslims in Sri Lanka, is soon becoming the most feared man in the country. He has been protected by the government though and is untouchable. He is not a Buddhist monk, he is a terrorist for whom the government is being very lenient on. None of the ministers have spoken out. The media has been silenced and told not to cover the incident. Both the President Mahinda Rajapakse and his brother Gotabhaya are out of the country and there's no one here who can give orders. The President has stated that investigation will go on but what's the point after all the damage has been caused. We need to remain calm but for how long can we sustain this? We are all human. Something must be done. I have attached a few news links from reliable sources. A few of the sites have been proxied by the Sri Lankan government as they provide accurate news condemning the government. I urge this email to be circulated among all and for the international public to be made aware of the horrific situation faced by Muslims in Sri Lanka today.

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