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Hi im in a sticky situration im 27 and have not been able to work for 8-9 years because of health and so have virtually zero job experience.I did manage to make it to college years ago and got level 2 in math and literacy and btec level 3 in electrical enginerring.Only recently become well enough to look for employment and a career of sorts but because of my age and lack of any job experience has been tough to form a plan.

Ideally I would want to do something that relates to electronics or electrics as a career in the future however it seems the only routes are via appreneticeships or traineeships and because of my age it might be difficult from the advice I heard from a job center advisor.
Are apprenticeships at my age in your view not worth applying for and if so are there any other ways to get into this industry or a skilled career of sorts ?

In my area which is Berkshire it seems that most jobs from cleaners to delivery drivers require recent job experience.Im at my wits end because I cant get a job without recent job experience and to get job experience I need a job.

If you were in this situration what would you do ?

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I think they are definitely worth applying for, employers value work experience a lot nowadays, its what helps them decide between applicants. Plus you`ll earn while doing an apprenticeship, so its definitely worth a try. I`d also suggest looking for jobs relating to electronics while you`re on your apprenticeship, if you see any you like you can apply, and also by reading their requirements, you know what they are looking for and can work towards that

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