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Hi guys..

I'm taking the buss4 exam on Wednesday (last exam yayImage)

Has anyone got any useful revison tips/notes for section b?
I'm ok with section A as my teacher has done allot of this in class, but section B im abit worried about.

I only really have 1 business for each topic (according to the AQA syllabus) but would really like to know more as i think one will limit me so much and i need to try for an A grade (Image

In perticular im stuck for businesses that have changed leader (eg CEO) and culture of the business.. for these i only really have apple changing CEO to Tim Cook and how the innovation culture was affected.

Also, how are you guys thinking of structuring the 40 marker questions for buss4 section B? i dont really have a structure in mind at the minute Image

Any tips would be good, and if anyone needs any help ill be happy to share what i know Image
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Hi there,

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