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Yeah. I'm still in Year 10 so I've got a little while before I go for my A Level Choices. However, I'd like to see some opinions on my current thoughts.

Basically, I'm quite an advanced musician (Post-Grade 8 Practical, Taking Diploma in the Winter) so am planning to take A Level Music. On top of that, I'm good at Maths - so will probably take Further Maths (Probably drop Further after AS).

The dilemma comes when I try to think of the next choice to make. If I do decide to go with Music and Further Maths, I would like to do a writing-based subject. This is where I get a little caught between two minds. Currently, I'm interested in doing Classics. However, I'm not sure whether that would be the right combination with Music and Maths. I like to think of myself as an able writer (I write for an online magazine), but I'm not sure what would be the smartest subject to pick.

As for my plans ahead of A Levels, currently I would be thinking of going to a conservatoire to study Piano in a practical level. But does anyone have recommendations on what would be a good subject to pick? Yes, I know, my combination might sound weird. I like Maths, but I find Science a pain. So, would appreciate thoughts.

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Read this : http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/wiki...-form_subjects

Maths and Music are a common combination - surprised? You could even study both at Uni as a combined degree.

Third subject : check what various Music Schools and Unis actually state as an 'Admission Requirement'. If they don't specify anything beyond Music, then choose a subject you enjoy, as this will get you the best grade. Classics, History or History of Art would all be good choices as they would provide excellent 'context' knowledge for Music studies later.

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