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Hey guys!

Coming up to the end of our school term and the applications for the Head Boy position have begun; the first task is to make a letter telling the head teacher about yourself! Was just wondering, what are your thoughts on my letter? Could it be improved?

Dear Sir/Madam
I firmly believe I have the skills, experience and personal qualities necessary to represent the school as Head Boy. I am a conscientious and well respected student who consistently gives up their free time. During my time at Shevington, I have developed many qualities, the main ones being strong leadership skills and excellent communication skills.

I began my first year at Shevington, in the mainstream groups, however, through concentrating my efforts and improving myself, I managed to progress into the gifted and talented class in my second year of high school. Furthermore, I have consistently applied myself to the best of my ability in all subjects on the curriculum. This is reflected in all of my screenings and school reports; for example my most recent screening included 98% greens showing that I have overachieved or exceeded the targets set by my teachers.

Throughout my school career I have taken part in various activities; for example as I am considered to be a confident speaker, I was selected for the Youth Speaks Team where we managed to reach the semi-finals. Since then, I have spoken in front of wider audiences, including several assemblies and at Saint Anne’s church where I regularly read at services. Furthermore, I have also taken part in a range of fundraising events for charities, notably, the 3k race which I am proud to say I won. Moreover, the upside to this was raising £71.00 for the Joining Jack charity. Some of my other charity work includes sponsored car washes, baking cakes, and competitions; this clearly demonstrates my organisational skills, as well as my passion for helping and inspiring others. As I am very dedicated and committed to the life of school, I have attended numerous awards evenings where I have received various accolades for my behaviour, leadership skills and subject awards.

One of the advantages of being considered as a trustworthy and conscientious student is that I am frequently selected to show visitors around the school at Open Evenings, staff tours and I was even asked by my old primary school to give 15 Romanian visitors a VIP tour around the school, most of Wigan Town Centre, and the mayor’s office. I am also firmly dedicated to supporting groups inside and outside of school. Within school, I am firmly committed to assisting with toe by toe, chess club, the upcoming youth speaks team, and helping the younger pupils to train safely in the gym. Whilst outside of school I have enjoyed coaching a local football club, where I take part in helping the youngsters develop their skills; sometimes, I have been asked to assist the instructors at my Jiu Jitsu classes by teaching the younger martial artists various techniques and I have even taken on full classes. Furthermore, I have also taken part in coaching young people with skill wise during half term. This clearly demonstrates my initiative, eagerness and maturity, especially when working with younger people.

I have found it really encouraging when teachers have commented on my kind and caring nature. Pupils of all ages have been able to approach me and make requests for the next School Council meetings or ask questions. Furthermore I have received positive feedback from parents during the open evenings and I feel I have represented the school to a high standard. Furthermore, in public, people have often commented on my polite nature and have praised both the school and myself, therefore demonstrating my ability to represent Shevington High School in a positive manner!
I firmly believe that I have the characteristics to be an ambassador for Shevington High school. I aim to be an inspiration and an outstanding role-model to everyone; my fitness was improved through self-motivation and effort, so was my school work. My motto has always been, “do not waste any opportunity you get-through hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything”!

I remain
yours sincerely
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Seems great, you just gave me inspiration for my head boy application letter.
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Why Sir/Madam? You know who the letter is going to, so it's protocol to use the name.

Youv'e said you can bring a lot of qualities to the role of Head Boy, but not how you will use them. What kind of ideas and activities would you look to introduce if you got the position? Shorten the letter by cutting out the irrelevant material, such as winning a 3k race, and tell them how your being appointed would benefit the school in practical terms.

'Taking part' in charity events doesn't show organisational skill; what did you actually do to get the event up and running?

Otherwise, sounds great.

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