Aspiring doctor from Australia wanting to move to the UK - what are my options?

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this so if it isn't, I apologize.

I live in Australia and I'm currently doing a Bachelor of Science. I want to go on to medical school but I intend on relocating to the UK (permanently) at some point. I am an EU citizen (Irish), but have lived in Australia my whole life. I need help deciding on whether I should go to med school here or in the UK... I understand that I'd be considered an international student as you have to have lived in the UK for the past 3 years, but I simply cannot afford to pay the international fees. I was wondering, is it possible to complete med school here and then do my internship and residency in the UK? Or would I have to do that here in Australia, and then complete another residency once I move to the UK? That wouldn't be ideal for me because it just seems like a waste of time. Would it be best if I moved to the UK after finishing my Bachelors degree, wait the 3 years, and then apply for med?
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If you move to Ireland and live there for at least 3 months you can apply to study in Scotland with free Tuition fees. Part 5 of this link will tell you more but make sure you check out SAAS for the official information.

You could take up a health care assistant job in Ireland and gain some experience while preparing for your university application such as UKCAT etc.

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