What is the ideal way to act in this situation?

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>have consensual sex with girl
>she got back with her boyfriend previously that day, so she feels guilty
>she accuses him of rape almost a year later
>a campaign by feminists said he should resign from his position as head of oxford union
>has to pay 15 k in legal fees
>temporarily suspended from university and now has to wait until next year to take his exams
>it doesn't even go to court, the police drop everything after 6 weeks

>he still sees the girl who accused him
>she gets zero punishment

Why was 15 k in legal fees necessary? Can't you just say nothing and then be pretty sure that nothing can be proven if it happened 1 year ago?
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The campaign of the Harpies against Ben on a guilty-once-accused basis was absolutely revolting, they should be ashamed of themselves.

Ben looked like a shell of his former self on Newsnight, poor guy; he looks genuinely wary compared to the old, confident self you can see on Oxford Union youtube videos.

The Queen of the Harpies said on Newsnight that their campaign calling for a boycott and for Ben to stand down was not contrary to innocent-until-proven-guilty; they believe they as soon as someone has been arrested they are guilty in a social, if not necessarily legal, sense. She said that if they permitted anonymity to people who have been arrested (not even accused/charged) of rape, then it will signal that rape victims will not be believed, she asserted that publicity allows other victims to come forward, and she asked why rape arrestees should be treated any differently from those arrested for other crimes.

Her entire position is a croc; whether you confer anonymity on those who have been arrested during a rape investigation has no bearing whatsoever on police belief of rape accusations. Indeed, the very fact they've been arrested indicates the police are taking it seriously. Second, granting anonymity to those arrested during a rape investigation will not in any way prevent other victims from coming forward because the accusation will become public as soon as they are charged. Finally, the question of why rape arrestees should be treated differently to those accused of other crimes is bald-faced hypocrisy; it is the feminists who are constantly telling us that rape should be treated differently from other crimes, no other crime confers anonymity on an accuser.

All in all, an exceptionally shabby performance by the feminist lobby.

(Original post by chandlerellroy)
Why was 15 k in legal fees necessary? Can't you just say nothing and then be pretty sure that nothing can be proven if it happened 1 year ago?
His parents (who are wealthy, as I undersatnd it) would have engaged a top solicitor for his police interview and I imagine for some follow up consultation. It's better to be safe than sorry

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