English at Royal Holloway or English and American Literature at University of Kent

Emmy XD
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Hi guys,
I really want to study English and American Literature but I want to go to either Kent or Royal Holloway. From what I have researched it appears that Royal Holloway has the better department and now have options to focus your degree on American Studies/ Literature. Whereas, Kent is renowned for its specialism in American Studies. I currently live in London and was hoping to stay here; but that doesn't look like it will happen.

Sorry for the rant, but I would be thankful if you could help me making this decision; possibly some costs and benefits for each University, or even some kind of compromise (for moving/ travelling long distance London --> Kent daily).

Thank you all very much!!
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Hi there
These were two of my top choices too! I'm a terrible decision maker and asked loads of people for help. I'll try to be helpful, but remember it is your decision at the end of it (btw I am a little biased in favour of Royal Holloway as that is where I am going in September! Also go to the websites and verify what I say as my info may be outdated.) I ended up applying to Sussex, Kent, Reading and Royal Holloway. I then decided to put RH as my firm choice and I didn't put an insurance choice.

I recommend you visit the campuses! It's a hassle but worth it. You will get the opportunity to talk to current students about the courses. I loved them both, but RH more. Kent has a pretty campus - they have rabbits, a lake and lots of green and it is near Canterbury which is a beautiful, quaint old town. Royal Holloway has a fantastic history and if you look up pictures, it is literally a fairy tale castle - it is also said to be haunted! They also have a room of famous paintings and a beautiful chapel.

Kent requires ABB grades at A-level (my advice here is to be realistic about what grades you are likely to get!)
Royal Holloway: AAB-ABB (my offer was AAB)
Royal Holloway has a better overall reputation and often ranks highly on league tables
Royal Holloway is (I think the only) university that lets you study Shakespeare in all three years - they also have a module on Tolkien!
Kent is very modern and full of students - there are two universities very close together in Canterbury. It also has plenty of accommodation and is known for its student nightlife if you like that sort of thing. They have plenty of bars and clubs etc. Royal Holloway is quieter - I think... But has a lot for students and a community atmosphere. There are loads of societies from Harry Potter and Tolkien to ballroom dancing and Amnesty International.

At Royal Holloway we will be starting out yr1 with old English and medieval texts. In yr2 and yr3 there is much more choice about what you do. The department is HUGE at RH so they have modules in just about everything you can think of - some really weird ones too, so you will definitely be able to focus more on American lit if you want. - Visit the campuses to get more info and order the prospectuses through their websites (it's free).

The typical fees of all universities is currently £9000 a year for tuition but remember you will also have to pay accommodation fees which will be higher and more difficult to get the closer to London you are - although most guarantee accommodation to all new undergraduate students. However RH has a large campus so don't worry too much about that - it is also just outside of London in Egham so not as bad as central London. (Universities in central London tend to have much less available accommodation.) In my opinion, just forget about the fees and just expect it to be a lot no matter where you go. Student Finance England will assist you with loans etc which will cover most of the cost. You will probably find the only thing you end up paying for is your books which will be a lot for english lit anyway. check here for more info on that: https://www.gov.uk/student-finance/overview

hope this helps you a little bit! And good luck

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