What can I do if I am treated unfairly following a college interview?

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I have just finished my level 3 BTEC in health and social care and wanted to go onto children's nursing. As i guessed my grades wern't nearly good enough most likely because my attendance dropped to 58% due to M.E (chronic fatigue syndrome) I have attended an interview for an access to nursing and midwifery course and I discussed my reasons for wanting to be a nurse (mainly my nephew who I cared for during his time in hospital) & it all seemed to go well even when I told her I have no hospital experience she said it shouldnt matter so long as I get some before the start date in september. However when she noticed my level 3 I had to admit I needed another course because of my ME she then plastered M.E all over my application and was really off for the rest of the interview. The letter I should have received is late and im preparing myself for a rejection, if I get rejected and it seems to be because of the ME is there anything I can do?
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I was in a similar situation once, but on the grounds of my mental health I was first refused. I would have gone to a lawyer, if you are refused on the grounds of having an illness I believe that it is a form of discrimination. You could take legal action

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