What are the chances of switching to Economics?

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Hi there. I have already firmed UCL to study Economics and Business with East European Studies With A Year Abroad. I love this course but during this time I found that straight Economics is really what I want to study. The modules structures are really interesting and I would really like to switch to it. Actually before even I applied UCAS, I have thought about applying the straight Economics but just because I didn't think it would give me offer as my math grade is not predicted as A*. Now I really do regret why I didn't try it at first place. I just want to know what are the chances of switching to Economics (especially with it being so popular).

Actually, I have thought about calling UCL to ask about a switch of course after getting the result; however, even if the course does have a space, do you think I have to get an A* in Math? (I finished AL Math in AS but I didn't retake it or anything so my Math is just an A.)

Any inputs would be much appreciated! Thanks xxx

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