Worst England Performance, Hodgson To Blame Watch

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When I saw the squad I knew then it was going to be bad, certainly the worst squad england have taken to the world cup in my lifetime.

Hodgson is to blame because this squad is basic, these are small names in the footballing world. When you look at players like Johnson, Jagiekla, henderson, baines, cahill, llalana, who are these players? You think players like that are going to do anything when they are playing for teams like everton and southampton.

No champions league experience, no big games. How can players playing for these clubs expect to challenge the likes of Brazil Germany, they are centuries behind those teams.

Everyone is saying give youth a chance, NO, you dont go to the world cup to get experience, you go to the world cup after proving yourself for your team. Steerling seems fast, but in 3 games, no decent ball in, no effective passes, no decent shots on goal, yeah he runs but in football end product is important. David Beckham was never the fastest player but he was selected because he had end product.

The squad was rubbish, I feel he should have taken a more experienced squad to the world cup, Italy won their world cup in 2006 with older players.

England conceded 4 goals in 2 matches, that is pathetic, you cannot expect be conceding these sort of goals in big matches. These jagiekla's had no idea where suarz was, no man marking, letting balls come in, nothing.

You take people like John terry, Ferdinand, Cole in defence and no way would they have conceded these goals. Yes Ferdinand is not the player he was 5 years ago, but he is experienced and has played against Messi Ronaldo etc best attackers in the world. When has jagielka played agiainst top players in the world apart from Premier League?

Attacking wise we lacked, I dont care, I know people like Ashley young, aaron lennon, michael carrick, defoe would have performed better than these inexperienced players. Because they have played against major opposition for their clubs.

Defending was awful.

Consider before when we would take people like rooney/owen, gerrard, lampard, cole, ferdinand, terry etc etc, we would at least get to quarter finals, or progress to second round. Our players have not been world beaters but AT LEAST would perform in a respectable manner. These everton and southampton players in this years world cup has made us look poor, 1 point is all we got.

And further hodgson got it wrong with his formation. Wayne Rooney is englands current top goal scorer, by a margin, he has been the most consistent player, he has also provided the mosts assists than any other player. England scored two world cup goals. Rooney created the first and scored the second. So why was he played in the wrong position? Say what you want about Rooney but he is england's top player, if you dont think Rooney is good, it says a lot about the rest of the squad because Rooney is the only one who performed.

THIS IS RUBBISH, England have made us look less than average when we should be a top 10 team, yeah we are not going to win a world cup any time soon, but at least a quarter final would be good.

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