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Period clot (?) and pain? watch

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    Firstly I apologise if this is a bit too much info so if you're squeamish, please don't read.

    So I wondered if anyone had experienced something similar. I was on the pill for a couple of years and then stopped taking it at Christmas. My periods went back to normal - although normal has started to be quite heavy for me. Something I put down to the pill or generally just changing.

    I had some pill packs left and was going on holiday and due on my period so took a months worth.

    I've just had my first period since then and on the first day it was so heavy that it went through a 'super' tampon, a pantyliner and started to go through my underwear within 2 hours. That evening, when I took a tampon out, something came out with it. It was about 5cm long and a sort of blob shaped. It was pale in colour, obviously with period blood on it, but pale below it. It made me feel sick just to see it. It looked like there was blood inside it. Could it have been a massive clot? I've had dark jelly-like clots in my periods for a while, but this was completely different. Could it have been a more extreme type of clot?

    This was on Tuesday and by Wednesday lunchtime, my period was pretty light. And today, it's been absolute agony trying to get tampons in or out - so much so that I started to worry that I'd forgotten to take one out which is why it was so painful, but I know I didn't. And I'm getting pain down below - pretty much as low as it can get. I get cramps usually before/with my period but not normally this low.

    Has anyone experienced anything similar? I'm reluctant to go to my GP because I think they might think I'm a hypochondriac - I was there in February because I was so exhausted all the time and then back again in May because the back pain that I've had for years (and have coped with myself) flared up again and I had had enough and wanted to get it sorted - they didn't seem at all bothered by it and I'm now on a physio waiting list as she had no idea. I'm starting to wonder whether they're connected though?

    I know that no one here can help properly, but as I say I'm reluctant to go to my GP and just wondered whether anyone had experienced anything similar.

    Thanks xx

    Is there any chance you could have been pregnant and had a miscarriage?

    If there is no chance you could have been pregnant, then this is definitely just a clot caused by the hormonal change within your body. BC can often effect how heavy a period is.. especially Microgynon 30 if thats the one you took. It can also effect the lining of your cervix and cause abrasions which can bleed.

    If there is a chance you could have been pregnant it could be worth getting a check up with the doctor. Also if you are experiencing lower cramps and the back pain.. this could be a sign of something wrong with your cervix this is also worth asking for a pelvic exam just to ensure that there is nothing going on. If you feel your doctor judges you, go to another doctor!

    Also, if you want to avoid the doctor and think you may have been pregnant, if you buy an over the counter pregnancy test it will still test positive as you will still have recognised HCG levels and that will give you a definitive answer xx

    Heavy periods are common after a miscarriage, so this is probably what happened. It could have been vaginal discharge - thick, mucusy and white, but 5cm seems too big.
    My advice is to wear pads instead of tampons for the time being, since they're a lot safer and your vagina needs to breathe (use thick pads, like Kotex nighttime pads), because it could also be TSS (toxic shock syndrome) which often results in thick discharge.
    Make an appointment with your GP if symptoms persist. Try not to use birth control as often as you do because it disturbs the regularity of your menses and so it's difficult for females (especially if they're sexually active) to know whether they should be expecting their period or not.
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