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Basically, I'm going to uni in sept, and am looking to buy myself a laptop I have £700 to spend my absolute maximum is £750.

First off, I want reliability and decent build quality,I would prefer a laptop that wont break down and has less features, than one that is cheaply made and has every feature you could think of.

Obviously I need it to do all the standard word processing bits and pieces, but equally in my spare time I am quite into my music production as well as video editing which both lap up memory and space on hard drives, so that is important. I have an external sound card so a decent internal one is not needed.

Weight is not an issue as I wont be carrying the laptop all over the shop.

I dont want a 17" screen I think 14 / 15" would be perfect.

A decent graphics card would be useful but not 100% essential.

If anyone can make a suggestion about which brands I should be looking at and models etc... that would be much appreciated or any sites which are cheap as well.

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