Expedition Loholoka: Explore, Discover, Conserve

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I am one of six students from the University of Exeter Penryn Campus Expedition Society who are going to the Loholoka region in South East Madagascar to carry out ecological surveys of the Loholoka forest that very little is known about and has no level of protection or even recognition currently. Our aim is to create the first comprehensive biodiversity record of the Loholoka forest to addresses an important gap in biological knowledge and allow the establishment of long term conservation of the biodiversity of Loholoka.

In the country we be working a small research charity called Development and Biodiversity Conservation Action for Madagascar along with students from the University of Antananarivo (Madagascar’s Capital City).

Here is a video we have made which hopefully will explain the project a bit more

If you would like to help make this project happen, make a difference and have my eternal gratitude you can donate to the on our Indiegogo page

I also just want to spread the word about what we are doing and create as much of a following for the project as possible and hopefully inspire others to make whatever differences to the environment they can. As many of the species of Madagascar like many on countries are critically endangered and could easily be extinct with in our lifetimes. Lemurs are only found in Madagascar and over 90% of lemurs species are facing extinction, according to the latest global assessment of the world’s most threatened species by the IUCN (which was released this month). Highlighting the importance of projects like this.

If you aren’t a position to donate please don’t worry I don’t want to come across like I’m hassling anyone for money. Even a share on your facebook or in another counmmity you are part of about the project or a tweet with one of our links would be much appreciated!

We are on:

If you have got to the end of this thank you for taking the time to read about it!

Feel free to ask me any questions

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