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    I don't know whether to go to college or sixth form and it's such a hard choice considering they both have good arguments as to why to go there(my pros).

    I would want to go to sixth form because I LOVE the school I am in now and all the teachers are very supportive and kind. Also I have only just recently moved there(half way through year 10) so I don't feel asif I am ready to move on from that school just yet. Another pro is that I will already be familiar with 95% of my year but none of my current friends will be there. Lastly even though my current school is half an hour away it is much closer than 1 hour 45 min to college.

    I would want to go to college because it has an amazing reputation (one of the top 3 in the country) and also the teachers seem nice but I don't know them so I don't know what they're really like and whether they were putting on a nice attitude just for open day. If I did stay at my old school I would have been going to this college no doubt but because I found such an amazing school I don't want to leave it now. Although I said a pro was that I was already familiar with 95% of my year but I really want to meet new people and make new friends (my friends wouldn't be in this college either) but it can take me a while to build up the courage to even speak to someone even if they're alone too and from tester day today I felt asif everyone already knew everyone and I was just a loner with no friends as I did go alone and didn't speak to anyone the whole day as they all seemed to be with their friends.

    My a level choices with each place differ as well depending on what they offer for example I really want to do law in college and is one A level I really want to do with all my heart. My school now doesn't offer law but I want to do chemistry so badly in my school and not too sure if I could handle it without the support if the teacher in my school so haven't opted for it at college.

    These are just a few of the main pros about each I do have a few more and also cons for each but I really don't know which would be best suited for me - a school environment or a campus like environment.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    The immediate: you need chemistry, wherever you go. You don't need law, not even for a law degree! If you can do both then sure, but you really can't think about doing forensics if you don't take chemistry. The teachers at the college will help you, but you do need the confidence to go up and ask for the help in a new environment. It's not the easiest subject, but it's perfectly doable and as long as you keep on top of it and speak up if you need help then you'll be fine.

    Nobody can really tell you which is best. I loved the college environment, but I didn't like it at my school. If you're in a good place then it's not the worst thing to stick around. I would say moving to a new place would develop you personally a bit more (confidence etc.)

    1hr45 is a long commuting time. That kind of sucks some of the time out for socialising, and generally becomes an awful slog in the middle of winter. It's doable of course, but it can take its toll. People feel differently about commuting, but honestly i'd avoid it where you can. If it's the difference between a significant job opportunity and not then I understand, but in a case like this where you have a very good place that you already like in a much more reasonable distance it's hard to see the good side to it. You need time in the evenings to do homework or revision sometimes, and it becomes disgustingly difficult when you're already quite tired when you get home.

    The results are up to you in the end, and the work you put in. I think you have more faith in yourself with the sixth form option, from what you're saying.

    Personally, stick to the sixth form because you like the place and the commute for the college is just too much. Try look for clubs, or get more involved in classes or volunteering in your community if you want to meet new people - they're everywhere, even the internet is a place to start

    I had a similar situation - sixth form with teachers that I really liked and people that I knew or a college which was bigger (also in the top three, I think) and less familiar. I went to the college and have had no regrets at all. Because of the college's size (~2000 people compared to ~200 at the sixth form) everyone was in the same boat and you're pretty much guaranteed to find people similar to you. Both of mine are around 20 minutes from home, but the lack of transport in the direction of the college means I'm there from 8-5 most days. The extra time is hard but for me it's definitely worth it, especially if you can find a way to make it count.

    Nymthae is right in that law isn't a required subject for anything, but you will do better at a subject you're passionate about so I wouldn't write it off completely
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