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What do to about my ex- please help Watch

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    Hi Guys

    Please feel free to advice and share you're option.
    Is there any hoped we did love each other every much and believe still do.

    I started college in September this year, there was i guy in my class i never noticed him till one day we was put in a group and we started to talk, he's dad just passed away not long ago and i knew what he was feeling because my dad also pass away a while back when i was very young.

    One day i was with a friend from college and we was going down the stairs and this guy and his friend ( a girl ) were going up the stairs, she had asked were where we going? i gave her the going to the pub sign for a drink and out loud, i said they should come. so friends and i was at the pub and this guy and his college friends turn up, we was all talking having a laugh i did not talk to this guy much but i noticed that he keep looking at me all the time because every time i turn to he’s side i catch him looking at me. We all went to a different spot to get even drunk. We couldn't keep our eye off each other so when everyone went out for a fag we talked very flirty to each other mostly me. i had to go so i asked me to walk me to the train station, we had a lovely drunken walk we had a kiss at the station.

    I was at college the next morning so was he, i felt really sly we was sitting across each other from the room long story short we started to talk like i knew he was in the class lol

    he invited in to his house a week after or even less, i meet his mum very lovely lady we was sitting on his bed and we just talked and talked then he got this book out from his dad ( who passed away not long ago ) he was showing me the pictures of the trip they had in America it was so lovely from that moment i knew he really liked me, he went off on holiday because it was xmas time and the first time without his dad, but when he got back we met up and started to spend a lot of time together, on my birthday he finally asked me out so we were FINALLY DATING!!

    Everything was really good and wonderful we spend also everyday together at college, when im not working we was always together.

    We had really silly arguments in our space off time, i broke up with him he break up with me for a day or two.
    when you're in a relationship you confine in that person which i did to him, if i had a fight with any off my friends i will just talk to him about it never ***** about what so ever, so every him and i had an argument he would bring up things that has nothing to do with our argument, he would bring up arguments and had with other people and so on.
    because we was together a lot i would leave some off my things at his mum house for when i stay over, and when he is mad over an argument he would refuse to bring my things or even use my tooth brush to clean his bike and so on. (Bare this in mind as the story goes on)

    everything seen fine let say it was a Friday i just finished work ( i was supposed to see him but my mum wanted me home as my sister wasn't well ) and i was on my way home to a different town where i work, i had dinner plans with a good friend of mine, my ex called me telling me that the internet was down he would not be able to contact me via Facebook i was like this fine ill just get you a pop up in case i need to text you or you needed to text for whatever reason ( if my mum did not needed me i was going to go to his later on after my dinner) i went out with for dinner was nice, mine phone was on silence but once we finished i notice my boyfriend of then called then my phone died. I i got home put my phone on charge and went straight to laptop and saw a Facebook message it was him to let me know, that his internet is back.

    early that day on the train we had a quick chat because my boss then cut my wage so i told him, and i asked if we would talk later he said okay, so later came after i had dinner with a friend, i asked me to come on Skype, we both were on-line chatting then his house phone rings was one of his friend, they both talked to a minutes then he muted he’s mike, he got off the phone i asked he it was and if the person was okay, then he was like i feel like going for a bike ride, i knew was to see his friend ( the reason why i did not know that this point) so i said no we are supposed to talk and get you're help and advice for what i'm supposed to do about my boss cutting my wage. It was round half 10 at night by now he asked me what was the time i told him, and he was like oh let me go and put petrol on the bike before they close, i was okay speak to you soon love you bye ( soon as in 5 minutes it was only down the road form his house) i was just playing on my laptop and i noticed like 10 minutes has got pass so i went on Skype and called and called till he’s laptop battery died that the laptop shut off, i got worried a bot because he was on his bike then i remembered he spoke to one of his biker friends ( BTW WE PLANNED TO HAD DINNER THAT SATURDAY AKA THE NEXT DAY) So i called his phone he answer i was like where are you? He replied middle of nowhere on the bike with his friend i hand up and went to bed.

    Come Saturday morning i check my phone and Facebook nothing from him, around 11am i message him on Facebook letting him know i would not come over for dinner any more, he was like i do know how!!! i express to him what he did was not okay the fact that he wanted till i said something to him before he even said at least sorry something happen i know he was supposed to talk! i explained to him that it didn't bother me that much but the fact that he didn't call or text to let me know ( he excuse was i didn't put the top up voucher) i was you're friend has a phone like come on even if you came home at 3 5 6 o'clock in the morning you could at least send me a message on Facebook so once i have i waken i know what happen not wait for me to say something, he went off on one saying my clingy and i always expect him to be on Facebook to talk to me ( yes we did speak a lot on Facebook when we was part but it not like i made him if he had nothing else to do i never said he couldn't do so) then he blocked me off Facebook, so i send him a text calling him a little boy and pathetic on how he does not see how wrong and rude he was, ( i believe it does not matter who that person, if that person is expecting to talk or a return call you should have the respect for that person to do do) I then asked him when he would be home because i still had belonging at his house when can i get it if not ill would ask his mum ( remember early i said he like to do things to my things when mad this why i wanted then back) he replied with I HOPE YOU GOT LAWYERS ( i things i just clothes and personal things for cleaning) so i replied with HOW YOU GOING TO PAY FOR YOU'RE LAWYERS WITH YOU'RE DEAD DAD MONEY? then after i send a other saying are you dreaming away what you going to do with you're dead dad money ( he did not work he cannot afford anything unless he is using his dad money to why i said what i said) after an hour or so i text him all sweet and asking for him to come over, he agree but i think he knew that i was trying to get my things back as when he came gave me my things called me cold and low and left and he was with the same guy he was the night we were supposed to talk, after he left i send him a other text calling him pathetic how hi's friend will go home to his girlfriend and he be all alone and how i wanted me to tasted he know medicine, ( because like i said before every time we argue he would bring up arguments i had with other or do things to hurt me e.g use my tooth brush to clean his bike so that is why i said what i said about his dad i had enough)

    i message him a Sunday before the Sunday of father day thinking it's father day just saying ' Hi how are you' in hope he would reply on the same day.

    We still had college to finish, for the first two weeks i didn't go, he did on one of the days in those to weeks, then the following week i went in to college, we had 2 hour break so i went off with a friend, in our break he came in so we just missed in each other from seeing each other if i had stayed. because i send him that message on a Sunday he replied on the Monday just saying ' yes im fine, i think i say you at college today' i replied with good good oh did you, and the reason i message was because i thought it was father day (due to his dad not being around for a couples of months now)

    2 weeks on i message him again saying hi how are you? He read my message and never replied i got mad to why i even bother seeing it he is okay away the message we exchange does like this it starts with me....

    me: Hey, how are you ?

    me: at least you can do is say thank you for the nice message I send you over father day but you choose to ignore and also this message! It just very rude, this you’re choose I’m not going to bother any more live is too short to living in the past and if that’s how you want to behave and act go for it. I was just trying to be nice to you, making sure you’re okay and you’re family, I do not need or want anything from you. Honestly to god I give up! You have a good life wishing nothing but the best for you and you’re family.

    the EX: and now i remember why i broke up with you

    me: and im very glad thank you for that dont need rude people bye

    the Ex: you burned this bridge not me, don't try and make me out to be the bad guy.

    me: how im making you like the bad guy anyway it doesnt matter all i was trying was to be nice to you mistake made its cool

    the Ex: well you literally just said that i was rude in your last message soooo

    me: because you are i send you a nice message at least you can do is say thanks i do or want anything else from you but that too much to ask anyway

    the Ex: i appreciated the message, but i didn't want to reply incase you were still moving on i didn't want to give you false hope is all. i was thinking of you

    me: false hope in what i was just being nice to you, the past is the past im living in my present and that it

    the Ex: well thats nice for you but i still think about you everyday
    i stand by my decision but it was one of the hardest things I've had to do. I miss you and seeing your messages makes me miss you even more…. so yeah i ignored them because it hurts still.
    please try to understand..

    me: you just need to let go and take a chill pill i was hurt too not just you but that's life, i was just trying to be nice but don't worry i wouldn't message you again, you take care and move forward in life you cant life in the past forever.

    the Ex: I have been moving forward, but its important to remember the steps we take that brings us there. How else do we learn from our mistakes? By remembering them.

    me: okay, you know yourself better then anyone in this world so do that helps you and what's is best for you only you can do that

    i know you're still hurt and upset but if you need anything just even a chat im here ( that's if you want too i'm not forcing anything on to you) because i till care for you on a friend level and i do not want you too feel alone or upset

    Omg I was half asleep not even reading what you said properly! What the hell to you mean i quote " you burned this bridge not me, don't try to make me out the be the bad guy" so what you saying it's all my fault we are not together, if I remember correctly you was the one who threatening me with the lawyers because all I wanted was I things back and I said what I said! I honestly regret trying to be nice to you!

    the Ex: i mentioned lawyers because you said angrily that you would go get it off my mum. If you tried, she would do it not me. anyways why you re-reading messages.. thought i was in the past.

    me: the reason i said i would ask your mum as because in the past you had refuse to give my things back or even use my tooth brush to clean you're bike, i worked for the things i had in you're house i just wanted then back so you do not do something stupid with it because it cost my money which i worked hard for, and the reason i read the message back something did not seen right now and now im full awake i can see now

    so she would get lawyers on me because i asked for my belonging WOW

    the Ex: just go away

    this is months ago miss "i don't live in the past"

    then he blocked me off Facebook.

    I read the first few lines and the last few. He's not worth it. Move on :dontknow:

    Learn some ****ing grammar and spelling you dumb *****. I actually wasted 5 minutes of my life I'll never get back reading this ****. ****ing ****.

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    Seems best to move on. Bringing up his dad was low of you but stopping you getting your stuff was a poor move of him. He has blocked you so that will stop any arguments coming that way. Just try to be civil when you see him.

    Speling and grammer

    It's genuinely painful to read.

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