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    I don't know what to write to make my CV even remotely relevant to IB. Plus I don't know anything about finance, markets, etc. Since I am idle all summer I really want to read and learn and do things which would enhance my application.

    What books to read about finance, etc?
    What things to do to show my keenness?
    What societies should I join in uni in second year. (I've finished my first year already)

    One last thing! When do IB summer internships applications open? Is it from September onward or what?

    Firstly, what stage of uni are you at? If I were to make a guess, final year since you mentioned 'no summer internship'?

    If you are that far into your studies, I would suggest that you start conducting some 'hardcore' research online. Look at what different banks do and the various divisions within a bank, and then decide the path you want to take.

    There is an abundance of resources that give you CV/Cover Letter tips, Testing advice etc. I suggest you read up on that too. Make the effort and it may pay off.

    Lastly, have a look at the numerous career websites that have spawned in recent years due to the surge in 'interested investment bankers', they have all the information you need regarding available programs and application deadlines. Again, make the effort


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    Above had some good thoughts. Some additional ones: start an online portfolio and take it fairly seriously. Investopedia has a good stock simulator and you can also trade forex for free iirc. You'll learn a ton about how finance works and you'll learn about the companies that you research and this will give you some good stuff to talk about at interview. Very few things are more impressive than being able to talk in detail about some random company for 5-10 minutes. If you want an interesting starting point look up intercept pharmaceutical (ICPT on NASDAQ). They've had an interesting year and the reasons behind their current and recent stock performance will give you something interesting to look up and think about. The major reason that companies look for work experience is that they want people who know how things work. If you can demonstrate that it will impress.

    Other than that: spend 5 minutes a day on the ft, every single day. Don't miss one. Read the major headlines and digest them. Get a feel for the current atmosphere. Intuition is such a helpful tool.

    Learning basic theory is not necessary but you should be able to answer the question 'what is an investment bank' in some depth. You should also know what weight the different banks put on their functions and how they approach them. This is stuff that you can learn very quickly.

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    If you do consider virtual trading, I personally preferred bull bearings to other websites so it may be worth having a look, though which ever you choose should not be an issue.

    In addition to what has already been said I would suggest:
    -Depending on past experience it may be worth developing upon a second language, it always looks good, (of course your proficiency will depend on many factors such as past experience, time,),
    - Join the investment society, try and get a position on the committee if possible, take part in their activities. For example at the university I was at, they would hold conferences, virtual trading games, as well there was also a small group of students who actually invested £10000 of real money, which was donated from a past student. It always good to talk about these things in interviews.
    - I would also join a website called Market Mogul, which is a platform for students to express their views on industry. This is very useful for interviews when talking about the news or topic of interest, "I recently wrote an article on....." etc. Plus if you are researching the field or reading the FT you are doing 80% of the work, you just have to form your own opinion on what you have read and it looks good on the CV.
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