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    I may wish to apply for CPR after clearing in August (extremely late, I know, but I haven't been feeling well enough before now) and have a few questions.

    I've had two full years on year 1 of two different courses at university in 2011 and 2012. The 2011 course began in February 2011 and ended in June as it was an undergrad course which crammed in a full year (September - June) into those couple of months, inclusive of everything like exams etc. This shortness worked to my detriment as been on the course flagged up the initial stages of depression and anxiety. I completed the course in full but failed. I also received full student funding as if the academic year was September - June.
    The 2012 course began at a more normal time in September 2012 and ended in June 2013. I had a bit more luck academically but still failed the year as a whole. This was due to the depression/anxiety raging quite a bit more and becoming far more apparent/worrying than in 2011. However this time I was just beginning to see it for what it was and in turn liasing with my doctor on it, so the academic performance improved slightly. I was still very much out of my depth in terms of realising just what I was dealing with and how to deal with it..I was in quite a hole and couldn't get out.

    My lecturers on both occasions were supportive and my 2012-2013 lecturers have said they'd write me a reference referring to my issues to go with a doctors note to claim a year of CPR.

    My questions are -

    Am I at all entitled to CPR, considering I didn't drop out of uni but struggled on and failed on both occasions?

    If I am entitled, would I now be entitled to full funding for the course (3 years) - tution loan, maintenance loan, maintenance grant? Or does it work backwards from year 3 as I've seen it quoted on TSR? If the latter is the case, does this mean length of course (3 years) + 1 gift year - 2 years already studied = 2 years of normal funding remaining, which could be years 1 and 2, with year 3 being the CPR year?

    On average what is the likelehood of a successful CPR application? If a first application is unsuccessful, is there a means of appeal for someone else to look at the same application? If not, can you apply for CPR again with the same details and evidence in another academic year? My evidence is doctors notes from my own doctors (several), a doctors note from a doctor near my university I rushed to one day due to fear of having a heart attack with the anxiety symptons, and two letters of evidence from two lecturers (one is head of the course).

    Thanks so much.
    • Official TSR Representative

    Official TSR Representative
    Hi there,

    We are sorry to hear that your health has affected your studies.

    We recommend that you supply us with evidence of your Compelling Personal Reasons (CPR) for starting a new course as soon as possible. Examples of acceptable evidence are letters from your doctor and place of study to confirm why you had to leave your previous courses.

    After we have processed this evidence, you may be awarded an additional year of funding. This means you would be able to claim the Maintenance Loan, Maintenance Grant and Tuition Fee Loan for all three years of your new course.

    Please note each CPR assessment is made on a case-by-case basis, so we are unable to confirm at this time if your application will be successful. If you application was not successful, you are welcome to call us on 0300 100 0607 to discuss this decision.

    We wish you the best of luck in your future studies.

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    Many thanks for the detailed and helpful reply, very much appreciated.
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