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Keeping it very simple I'm 18 nearly 19 years old and I'm due to start an access course in business in September! The thing is I really want to gain a degree within business for example accounting or management but I think I'd really struggle with not earning if I eventually got to uni. I've just also applied to do human resources through the RAF and they can help fund and put you through degrees in time along side my job role. I've also just applied for a job in insurance so my plan was if for example I got this job that it would keep going until I eventually got into the raf and then down the line start a degree which will then help me once I left the raf and go into normal civilised work!?! I currently have a job working for the co-operative food but I'm a lot more eager than to stay in a job like that for the rest of my life! Any advice or experience on this matter would be greatly appreciated!
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If the RAF offer to support a degree alongside training then you should definitely take that. I come from a military family and the general consensus is to do a degree first, then enlist afterwards. It's a win/win as you'll not only have the skills to work in an advanced position with the RAF but when you finish, you'll be able to walk into a good job thanks to your experience and qualifications. The ones in my family who chose to go straight into the marines after school have struggled to find good work now that they're done. One is working full time at a bowling alley and the other is unemployed.

After my last year at uni I'm going straight into Marines training in Lympstone to train as an officer. And I've got a safety net of a degree in case things don't go to plan.

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