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    Ok, so basically two of my mates and I all like this one girl. Here is the current deal:

    Mate 1: They were dating for a short time a few months back, and I know that recently they have kissed and been out sometimes etc. However, according to many of her friends that I speak to(including mate 2) he has treated her quite poorly, and while he still likes her, I do not think she is that keen any longer.

    Mate 2: He has told her that he likes her, but when he did this she said that she did not feel that way about him, so I believe he has been "friendzoned" although he is still interested. He also told me that "mate" 1 had been telling this girl about how he was better than us both, and basically listing all our negatives. **** move that.

    Me: The other night our whole group went out(including mate 1 and mate 2) and I drunkenly told her that I like her. Now, as I was drunk when I did this I can't completely remember her answer, but it was along these lines:
    -She said she had a complicated situation that she needed to deal with(mate 1 I believe) and she needed to "cut someone out".
    - She said she liked me back.
    - I remember at one stage she said she didn't want to upset me....but I'm not completely sure why.

    Now, all of these girls friends had said to me before telling her that I liked her that she did want me to make a move, and that they had all been trying to set me up with her as they want me to be the one to get with her. Now, I think things would have gone more smoothly if mate 1 wasn't there when we went out, because seemed to be keen on talking to her all night.

    Ok, so now my question is, what should I do? I've been told by one friend already just to act like nothing changed and act like myself...but I'm really unsure. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

    Bros before hoes. No exceptions.

    It's not worth destroying a friendship over 1 woman. Women will come and go but your friends will be there forever. That's all I'm gonna say.

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    People say bro's first. Thing is, I say go for it mate. You know why? Because if he was your real friend he wouldn't be trying to make you look bad would he. Listing all of your negatives etc...
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