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Applying to Manchester in 2015 as an EU student: Questions Watch

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    Hi everyone.

    Before I start, I should probably say this will be a post full of somewhat unrelated questions and concerns. TSR has been of great help to me already on several levels (for instance, thanks to you the personal statement section isn't scaring me at all anymore), but even after having read pages and pages of information, everything still feels somehow disjointed and fragmented, so here goes.

    I would love to apply to Manchester and study the Ba English Language in 2015. I hope to be a translator one day and I have already completed a Ba in Belgium but am still unhappy with my level of English. The course in England seems wonderful, but some questions remain unresolved. I'll try and make the following as structured as possible.

    1. Qualifications

    Manchester will want to know how well I did in the past, but the Belgian education system is completely different. So far, I have studied:

    - six years of compulsory primary school
    - six years of compulsory secondary school, in the third year I chose Modern Languages (everyone has to choose between Languages, Sciences, Human, Technical or Vocational Studies)
    - finished secondary school with a thesis on English dialects and accents
    (Note: Unlike England, you have to take ALL the exams in the curriculum, so there are no A-level or GCSE-like situations in which you can choose what to do, subjects range from maths to History and Languages regardless of the choice you make in the third year)
    - Ba in Applied Linguistics with English and Spanish as two main languages
    - finnishd with a dissertation on a translation of a section of Kate Fox's Watching The English', still need to resit Spanish TExt Production
    - and I plan to do a partial Ma in English (second language is compulsory here but I am fed up with that so will only do the English subjects out of interest if England is possible afterwards)

    (1) How on earth do I 'translate' these secondary qualifications to an English system? We don't have As or Bs here, our results are calculated in percentages.
    (2) Do my secondary education results even matter if I already have a Ba anyway?
    (3) Will I need to take the expensive IELTS test after all this time?

    2. Applying

    (1) A TSR article claimed applying without a referee is a bad iea. Why is that?
    (2) My university is completely uninvolved in my England plans, so if I don't apply using a referee, what do I do with the 'buzzword'?
    (3) I can apply as early as September to the course. Seeing as they only stop receiving applications in January, do I have to wait for a yes or no till then?
    (4) TSR says you will need to tell UCAS about your Local Education Authority. Will my local one in Antwerp be okay?

    3. My disability (oh God, that sounds so self-pitying but an original title doesn't come to mind)

    Should I find out everything about support for blind people in Manchester before or after sending in my application? I will not qualify for DSA in England, but Belgium already financially supports me, though I have no idea if their amounts will suffice.

    4. Fees and bursaries

    I won't deny this is probably what I'm worrying about the most. The 'you might qualify if... There may be additional requirements' bits on the Internet don't really help either.
    (1) Another website told me that 'You qualify for home fees if you can confirm that your purpose of residence in the UK/EEA during the 3-year-period prior to start of studies was not fully or mainly for the purpose of receiving full-time education.' I have been born and bred in Belgium, so is my stay here 'fully or mainly for the purpose of receiving education' or not? I thought every EU citizen had a right to apply to Student Finance?
    (2) Manchester says I do not qualify for their accommodation discounts as an EU student, but 'if you feel your yearly income is below £25,000, you can ask for an assessment'. This sounds rather ambiguous. I'm almost sure the income here is below that amount, so will I receive discounts or not? Do you ask for an assessment before or after applying?
    (3) Can I only apply to Student Finance in the spring before courses begin?

    5. Insurance

    This might sound stupid, but why would I need to be insured? I plan to live at a residence hall and bring as much of my own things as possible, and as of yet I don't want to damage any property.

    6. Accommodation

    How do I decide which hall of residence I want? My only requirements are that it should be close to the School of Languages and that it's a catered hall. Do I need to worry about this before Manchester accepts me?

    7. In general...

    Are their any important things I need to do or know before I start applying? In Belgium, you apply to university months before you want to go and you are accepted as long as they have places (qualifications don't matter at all, everyone can go). In my opinion, the biggest obstacle was convincing my parents that going to England was a good idea, but luckily that went quite all right. Do I simply start filling my UCAS form out now or is there something else I am forgetting?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    (Original post by VincentFernandes)

    Thanks in advance for any help!


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    You can personalise what you see on TSR. Tell us a little about yourself to get started.

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