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    I have a criminal law question which has a limit of 2500 words. The question will be put below. Wanted to ask whether it can be done in that word limit and if so could you put a general plan for it? 👍 Dan and Ali are going on holiday and are in the busy departure hall at the airport. Their
    flight is delayed and a crowd of people are waiting to see which check-in desks to use.
    Finally the check-in desks are announced and there is a surge of people, all moving
    towards the desks. Dan and Ali are determined to be at the front of the check-in queue.
    As they rush towards the check-in desks, they bump into a couple of holiday makers.
    Once they have checked in they put their hand luggage on a trolley. Dan, who is really
    childish, jumps onto the back of the trolley and uses it like a scooter. He heads towards
    a crowd of people waiting in the queue for security checks. None of them see him
    coming. Dan cannot control the trolley and shouts, ‘Watch out!’ Bill, who is in his
    eighties, turns and sees the trolley coming towards him. Bill panics and tries to jump
    onto the conveyor belt taking the luggage but he trips and falls, hitting his head on the
    ground. Bill is knocked unconscious for a couple of minutes but when he comes round
    he is otherwise unhurt.
    Ed, one of the baggage handlers notices that a soft suitcase has a sharp knitting
    needle pointing though the fabric. Ed breaks the lock on the case and wraps clothing
    around the knitting needle so it cannot happen again.
    Dan and Ali are both nervous about flying. They go to the airport bar and drink several
    pints of beer. They fail to notice that the flight departure gate is announced until they
    hear their names being called over the loud speaker, informing them to immediately go
    to the gate as the gate is about to close. They run along the moving walkway as fast
    as they can but in doing so, Ali pushes a child roughly out of his way. She falls
    awkwardly and breaks her leg in several places.
    Ed, is a practical joker and particularly likes playing jokes on his workmate, Jim. Ed is
    on the top deck of the night bus, travelling home. He sees Jim board the bus. Jim sits
    at the front of the upper deck and does not see Ed. Ed thinks it would be funny to set
    fire to a piece of paper, throw it under the seat where Jim is sitting and then watch Jim
    trying to put it out. Ed quietly makes his way to seat behind Jim. Ed uses his lighter to
    set his newspaper alight. He discreetly places the lighted newspaper under Jim’s seat.
    He taps Jim on the shoulder and points to the burning newspaper. Jim panics and runs down the stairs screaming. Ed finds this hilarious and follows his friend. He thinks that
    the paper will just burn itself out. However the fire takes hold and causes severe fire
    damage to the upper deck of the bus.
    Once off the bus, Jim is furious. He turns around and starts screaming at Ed. Ed, still
    laughing, says, ‘Sorry mate! Go on, it’s ok you can hit me’. Jim starts hitting Ed around
    the head. Once the frustration had subsided, Jim, whilst still hitting Ed, also starts
    laughing. Ed suffers a cut to his cheek. Leo, a passer-by, witnesses Jim hitting Ed. Leo
    jumps on Jim and pulls him to the floor.
    Advise the parties as to their criminal liability, if any.
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