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Specifically, the anime society?
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1) Most societies tend to follow a weekly thing, some of them are less about the subject and more about just socialising though. The past two years with the anime society it has mainly been one show every Friday 19:00 till 22:00 in the Pg09 lecture hall, but i may expand this to a social evening on tuesday/wednesday and an extra showing day on saturday in order to show a full series over a few weeks, instead of just 6 episodes which people can go home and watch the rest of if they want.
2) As said above, with the anime society, mainly showings in the lecture hall for a few hours followed by socialising at a pub or home if nobody feels like it, for other societies, an activity related to the club, going out and having a few drinks and socialising normal.
3) Depends, seeing as freshers week is quite busy, i would say the week after is most likely.
4) Funny that you mentioned anime actually, i'm going to be president of the anime society for this year coming, and we have a variety of people, we are not the largest of societies but most people are friendly. I'm trying to make it less associated with japanophiles and more promoting discussion like you would with films or books though.
5) It is multicutural, but we don't really get a disproportionate amount of asian students.

I'll be heading up the Anime society with a booth at Freshers fair, my name is Chris and i'm fairly tall and wear glasses most of the time, you should be able to recognise me, look forward to seeing you there.

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