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Tips on weight loss and eating healthily? Watch

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    Hi, I'm a teenager, currently 5"2 in height. What are some tips on how to get enough exercise to lose weight, because I already do 1/2 hours of sport per week and go to a dance club at the weekend, plus I walk from bus stop every day (it's about 10 mins away) but not often at a very fast pace - but it's not really helping. Added to this I now have a self esteem issue and am quite paranoid about how i look to other people. How many calories should I be eating per day and how do I fit exercise into my lifestyle as I don't have a lot of spare time to go to the gym or anything thanks

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    Go onto an online calculator (I used IIFYM) and work out your dietary requirements. I can't tell you exactly what its gonna say since I don't know if you're male or female but the basics of a fat loss diet are being in a Calorie deficit of 300-500 depending on your activity levels and how fast you want this weight to come off. Since you already do sport and dance I recommend you take it slow because if you jump into the deep end of a calorie deficit too quickly you are setting yourself up for failure and trust me it will get very ugly very fast. Been there too many times myself.

    Once you know your calorie and macro-nutrient requirements just follow them. You don't have to eat super super healthy to stick within them either (again I tried that and it got ugly. I started DREAMING about food) but just make sure you follow them.

    Myfittnesspal is an amazing app that helps you track all of this.

    You gained some weigth quickly but remember that loosing it will probably be a slower process.
    I Think you should:
    -reduce the amount of salt in your food(also salt from spices mixtures, fast foods and frozen/instant foods)
    -try to eat 3 servings of veggies and 1 serving of fruit every day(more or less 200 g each)- eat them fresh/steamed
    -eat basmati rice/lentills/millet groats for your dinner(together with veggies and some poultry/fish, but do not deep fry it!)
    -eat eggs/white cheese/tuna/ salads for your last meal and eat it 3 hours before you go to sleep
    -have something fullfilling for breakfast(porridge/ scrumbled eggs with wholemeal bread/ homemade granola&yogurt)
    -drink 2l of WATER every day, don't drink sweetened juices, don't add sugar to your coffee/tea
    - don't forget about fats- they are important too! Eat some nuts/almonds(for example with your breakfast) and add olive oil to your dinner
    -don't eat salty snacks/sweets/fast foods
    -eat regularly-every 3/4hours and don't eat anything between your meals
    hope that helps!
    Oh! And don't forget about exercises- in your case 40mins-1hour of cardio at least 3times a week should help you can swim/run/rollerblade/have long walks/jump on a jumping rope/try some youtube workouts like Jillian michaels/mel b/tiffany rothe?

    You know I have drunk pure chimp super tea to have no extra weight any more. It boosts a matabolism very well.

    I agree Riberye, myfitnesspal is fantastic for weight loss; great diary style (app and online) tool. It's not only fantastic in helping you be more aware of your calories but has a long list of useful aspects:

    -Track your weight and size of various body parts (any body part can be added via website)

    -Input a goal weight (loss or gain) and it will give you a rough estimate of calories per day

    -Find out calories and nutritional values of foods (Its never failed to find any food I have eaten)

    -Put in a recipe manually or with a URL and from the ingredients it will calculate nutritional values and calories in the recipe.

    -Visit their forums for support and advice from other users

    -Modify your ratios for individual diet requirements (body builders want to ensure the eat 40% protien, 40% carbs and 20% fat, however, the average fitness seeker may want to ensure they consume 40% carb and 30% each of fat and protien)

    It's obviously not a quick fix but it does help make you more aware of different kinds of foods and how much of them you are consuming.

    Also if you can spare 20 mins 2-3 times a week, try looking for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) on youtube, I lost a stone in a month with no diet changes (using Josie Gibsons '30 second slim'). Alternatively join Roller Derby; its fun, active and a brilliant stress relief
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