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Hi guys,

I am considering which courses to apply to (2015 entry), and as an international student I am more concerned with global reputation. (Although I know it's not wise to rely on league tables)

I have an idea about which universities will be my top 3 choices, since my third will probably be offering AAB (Edinburgh second year entry/Bristol, or both), I am looking at ABB for the fourth.

I think I will be picking Nottingham as my fifth (I know there is no particular order but don't think there's a point of applying universities with same typical offers?) for Applied Biology which offers ABB-BBB and it has quite some global reputation.

For my fourth however, I don't wish to go too conservative, but Exeter and Warwick seem to be the only ones that have AAB-ABB as their offer. How reputable are they? (I want to become a researcher) It seems to me that Nottingham's got simmilar, if not higher global rankings than those two, so is there really a point of choosing two out of the three?
If not, where else could I apply to?

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