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Have I caught HIV??!?! Please help, so scared!!! :( Watch

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    I'm an 18 year old female, last week on a night out I got really drunk at a club and went back to some guy's flat I gave him unprotected oral and we also briefly had unprotected (vaginal) sex but he put on a condom after a few thrusts. However now I've got a bit of an achey sore throat and I had a headache yesterday and after Googling sexual health clinics in my area and reading up on symptoms and stuff I've convinced myself I've contracted HIV from him Although a few colleagues at work and a couple of my friends have had a bit of a cold recently so I don't know if it's just a badly timed cold or something more sinister...I'm going to the sexual health clinic soon but I'm so so worried!!!! What are the chances of catching it??? Do you think I could have caught it? I'm petrified
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    It's a badly timed cold caught from work / friends. It's a couple of weeks too early for the 'seroconversion' illness some people get when they catch HIV.

    It is extremely rare to get HIV via giving oral and it looks like you need to have him come in your mouth to even have a tiny chance of it happening.

    Similarly, he did not come inside you without a condom, and was only inside you without one for a short time. Even if he was HIV+ (which he very probably isn't) and had come inside you without a condom, you'd still be looking at a risk of 'about' one in two thousand.

    If it had anything else, it is possible that you might have picked up something like chlamydia, so testing about a week or so after the sex makes sense.

    But you're not HIV+ from this.

    As the above poster, it is highly unlikely but obviously it goes without saying, still get tested to be on the safe side and put your mind at ease.

    It does sound like a badly timed cold however it is possible to get STI in the throat. You can get chlamydia and gonorrhoea of the throat - have a look on the NHS website for further information however don't diagnose yourself. Get yourself tested to be sure - remember you're not a doctor so even if you have one or two symptoms that could match chlamydia and gonorrhea or even HIV, it doesn't mean you have it. Sometimes these symptoms can be symptoms of other very common conditions.

    If in doubt, get tested. There is no sure way to know if you have or not. It is extremely unlikely, however anything we say probably won't put your mind at rest so just get tested.
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