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Developed massive crush and realised he was lying about age (22+ 16) Watch

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    I started talking to a guy last year, he said he was 18 and I believed him (He's 6'3 with stubble, muscles and a ridic deep voice, quite mature and I'm clearly stupid :/) I quite quickly fell for him, and he said he felt the same dispite the age difference. He then confessed he was only 16! We stopped talking for a while and decided in the end we would be like causal friends. We kept talking and my feelings haven't gone away, but I couldn't date a 16 year old; he's just too young.

    He told me he loves me but is now seeing a girl he knows cause I wouldn't date him ( he asked me first and I said he should try cause I couldn't date him when he was 16) He keeps telling shes nice but he only loves me. I won't admit it but I can't help be stupidly jealous even though I said it was fine. But now I don't know what to do. I can't tell him how I feel cause, I couldn't date someone so young; it's not right, and I feel really weird about feeling like this for a 16 year old. I know I'm being so ridiculous, I won't date him but I don't want him to be with anyone else. I just can't stop myself from being jealous and sulking. I tried to distance myself but I dislike not talking to him.

    What do I do? I'm so confused and I know I'm being daft but I just can't help it.
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    Break all contact with him if you know he's too young for you and you have no interest in trying to go out with him. Also he says he loves, of which I see two issues. One is the fact 16 year old's often through around the phrase casually so I personally wouldn't read much into it. Second he's going out with someone else (Which you gave him permission to) so I guess he's gonna be telling her soon he loves her too.

    Cutting all contact and moving on with your life makes most sense.

    You need to make a choice because you are going to drive yourself insane if you are not careful. He lied, that sucks, i totally understand why he lied and i also understand why you don't want to pursue a relationship with someone who, in reality, is in a very different stage of life compared to yourself.

    So the longer you pretend you are "fine" about his new relationship, the longer he strings this other girl along and the longer he holds a candle for you and the longer you end up caught up in this weird three way. Lets be honest, this is very much a case of someone having a toy that you want to play with and that is just fuelling your need to make it passive aggressively clear that you are not happy.

    My advice is to do what you have tried and to start breaking contact with him. It doesn't seem fair to torture yourself over someone when there are plenty more guys out there your age.
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Updated: July 8, 2014
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