Sourcing A2 English coursework

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Hey guys,

I'm in full go of my A2 English coursework (EDIT: AQA), in my coursework I'm studying a Gothic novel and commenting on it's merit.

For this I have prepared my own notes, such as conventions etc - well this is where my issue arises, I have what I believe to be a decent source (I made it). However I'm unable to use it (says my teacher) due to the need of having sources as I have a lack of prestige.

What can I do, any suggestions will be grateful

Thank you!
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By sources, your teacher means literary criticism? What texts are you doing?

You can easily incorporate these sources into your points that each of your paragraphs should be about. So for example, if one of your paragraphs is about the traditional Byronic Hero in Gothic Literature, you can get a literary criticism from a famous author or writer about what they have to say about the Byronic Hero and then just incorporate that into your point.

For instance if your main point in the paragraph were "all Byronic Heroes in Gothic literature have a tradition of ultimate downfall" then perhaps you can type into Google "Byronic hero literacy criticism" and see what comes up. Then, get a quote from a famous person and link it in with your point, whilst also agreeing/evaluating the critic's point, whilst linking it back to yours. It sounds easy, but the amount of pointless stuff and criticism I had to find for my coursework which was based on morality, was horrible! So be quite picky with your wording as anything can pop up.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask me any questions on Gothic Literature and I love it and also when I went to an English uni Applicant Day, we did a whole hour of a taster session on Gothic Literature, so I might be some help to you.

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