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New laptop or PS4/Xbox one Watch

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    My laptop has recently kicked the bucket and I'm trying to decide what the best option for replacing it on a fairly limited budget is. I mainly used it for working from home, browsing the internet/going on facebook, watching netflix/dvds, listening to music, skype and I would have liked to play some games on it but it wasn't really powerful enough for that. My budget for whatever I replace it with is about £500ish.

    I'd originally thought I'd just get the best, most powerful laptop I could get for that price and go with that but then I had the idea that I might be better getting a pretty no frills refurbished laptop for £150-£200 primarily for working from home on and then getting either an xbox one or a ps4 (I'd lean towards a ps4) for the rest because my understanding is that they'd do the rest as well as and in some cases better than a £500 laptop. In terms of a refurbished laptop I'd be looking at something like I've linked below


    From a work perspective the most taxing thing it needs to be able to do is run some Fortran code but my old laptop could run it and those are just as powerful as it was so I'd expect they'd hold up fine.

    My main questions therefore are:

    1. Does what I'm proposing seem like a reasonable option or is there some glaring flaw I'm missing?
    2. Are the web browsers on the ps4/xbox one decent enough or are they not really suitable to use all the time? I have a wireless keyboard and mouse that I would hopefully be able to connect up.
    3. Am I correct in saying that I can rip cds to a ps4 but not an xbox one?
    4. My understanding is that skype isn't yet on the ps4 but might be making an appearance. Is this true and if its not on just now is there some alternative app I could use.

    Really any advice anyone has on this as an idea would be very welcome. Can't decide if I think its a good option or not.

    Even if you get a £150-£200 laptop, it will still be a lot more comfortable browsing on that than the PS4.

    To be honest, all the things you listed, except for gaming, will run just fine on a £150-£200 laptop. The PS4 can be for gaming only. So it's mostly a question of do you prefer console gaming or PC gaming?
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    You won't get far on such a low budget for a laptop, you're likely going to be looking at integrated graphics or a very low end dedicated GPU, and it will be even harder to also pull a 1080p display on that too.
    To my knowledge, you can't hook up a kb+m to either console without some dedicated hardware to interface the two, and I wouldn't be surprised if skype doesn't make an appearance on the ps4 at all given it's owned by M$, alternatively, you'll be waiting a long time.

    At that kind of price range I would definitely recommend integrated graphics. Very low end dedicated GPU is just a marketing thing. They are about as fast as integrated graphics, just heavier, and more expensive.
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