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    So, I have very long hair (just below my waist) and it's also very frizzy. I can just about manage the frizz with expensive shampoos and hairspray, but it's putting it up that's annoying. All I ever do with it is put it in plaits (which makes it wavier) or a pony tail (which reveals my big forehead and ears;0) and it's too messy to have down. I've researched hairstyles for long wavy hair and it comes up with a few ideas, but in the pictures it shows a demonstration on someone with dead straight hair
    Does anyone know of easy, good looking hairstyles for very very very frizzy long hair? Any ideas with pictures welcome
    oh, and I've tried the fishtail plait and had to almost cut my hair to undo it...

    Is your hair tightly curled or is it more just wavy? I would recommend trimming your hair slightly and maybe getting it thinned by the hairdressers (or do it yourself at home with a razor, though this is damaging if done wrong so look up tutorials online). I used to have frizzy, wavy hair when I was younger because it was the first time I'd grown my hair out long. I got it layered at the hairdressers and the frizz was immediately gone and it brought out my natural curls instead.
    Also, try perming your hair straight (you can do this at home as well if you buy the perm solution from Boots/Superdrug) or even just straightening it.
    Try a 5 strand brand because even though there's 5 strands, it's not as messy as a fishtail braid: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5_JyiaPuG6w
    Also use lots of conditioner on the ends of your hair! You should put lots of conditioner on and then rinse it only once, with cold water to close your cuticle. There should be some conditioner left in your hair when you dry it which is good because frizzy hair is usually the result of having dry hair, so you need to keep it moisturised. I permed my hair (to make it curly) a while back and I would oil my hair and then put it in plaits for a few hours, and then I'd take out the plaits and my hair would be completely dry again because it had soaked up all the oil! If you can do this with your hair then it means it's dry and you should try to oil it regularly. Oil is a good hair serum for curly hair rather than branded hair serum because it's not as sticky.

    to get rid of the frizz your cut is essential- the hair is tired and needs trimmed with a few layers and maybe a little side fringe to lesser the forehead (though im sure you don't, everyone thinks theirs is big ) after that look at halo braids, or sweeping the top layer up in two pleats, joining to make a pony tail, a waterfall braid. even just twisting back a little section and pinning back helps lighten the look
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