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    Okay maybe slight exaggeration.

    My parents don't really let me do much, most A Level students I know have such amazing social lives compared to mine. I'm home every weekend, every night, every day. I'm starting to feel out of place at home too. I don't really know how to explain it

    It's not like my parents don't let me out my house, but it's like they don't want me to go. Whenever I ask to go to the cinemas with my friends, my mom will offer to drop me off but then last minute she'll tell me I am interfering with her plans. Where I live everything is so far away, and there isn't much to do. Literally there is one cinema in the whole town.

    My dad isn't interested in my social life anyway, he'll let me do pretty much what I want as long as I'm home before 8, there's no boys and I'm not spending a lot of money.
    My mother however is quite the opposite, she finds excuses to make me stay home, she'll ***** about my friends and shes constantly mean to me.

    Now it's time to apply to start considering universities and she wants me to go to the one near my home. I really can't stay here anymore, it's suffocating and I need my freedom. I don't know what to do. I understand that I won't be home often and I'll probably miss it eventually but I really can't stay here.

    I know she's trying to keep me in line and stop me from making mistakes I'll regret but I'm not stupid, I know right from wrong. It's not like I hang around with bad people either, they're smart and well behaved. We don't drink or smoke or do any sort of drugs, I don't personally enjoy drinking either it just tastes disgusting. But these are the things I think she's afraid of me doing. I'm also a virgin :| I probably won't have sex until I'm married because I'm scared lol.

    I guess my question is how do I make them understand I need my space? And they need to learn that I'm growing up and I'll need to leave one day, how do I make them understand that? I'm not going to rebel against them, I tried. Well I sort of did, it resulted in my phone being taken off me for a year. All I really want is the freedom to be able to say to them, I'm going out with my friends without them being awkward about it.

    You are growing up, and eventually you will have to go out into the world. Your mum cannot keep you wrapped up in cotton wool.

    Sounds like she doesn't want to let you go.

    Talk to them, explain how you feel. Prove to them they can trust you. Explain that you want responsibility over your life to prepare for the future, and them preventing you from doing stuff could be holding the learning experience back?

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