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Here are my options:
1. Do a HNC and then HND at a college for 2/3 years and then jump into a Degree at University skipping 2 years due to me studying a HNC and HND.

2. Go straight to University and study Business and Management BA

After this, I plan to go in full time work after this or do an apprenticeship and then full time work.

There is a sh*t load of questions so...

Choice 1:
What is the difference between a HNC or D and a degree? Like how good are they?
How long does the Business HNC/D last? The college I'm thinking of going to says its 2 years part time for HNC then a further 4 terms for the HND. It also says there's 'residential' but what are these?
Is it possible to get cracking and finish my work earlier than other students? Just like a BTEC works?
So could I do this whilst at full time work?
Why is there an option to do a HND if a degree is better, like why doesn't everyone just do a degree then or why do people choose to do a HND?
I know you can do a HNC/D for 2 years and do a degree in uni but skip 2 years it. So why is this? Like how does it work?
If I'm to do this, will I get 3 qualifications, a HNC, a HND, and a Degree; all separate?
What are the benefits and disadvantages of going about a degree this route?
Will I get a full degree not a short course degree or something like that? Like will it just be a Business and Management Degree and look just the same as someone who actually did it for four years compared to my two?
Will I get fewer ucas points or something?
No? Why the hell do people not just do a HNC, then HND, then a Degree; getting 3 qualifications compared to their 1 qualification which is the degree? I don't get it. What makes it the same, or different for that matter?
Finally, who pays for me to do a HNC/D? If I was to go into doing the 2 year degree at uni after this, who would pay that? Would I be paying the full fees as if I were starting a 4 year course like others or would I pay like part of it because I'm only like doing the degree for 2 years?

Choice 2:
Is going to uni to do a degree alone better than doing a 2/3 year HNC and HND course then getting into University to skip 2 years and study the same course? Why?
What is the difference between a BSc and BA? I know one is a Bachelor of Arts and one is a Bachelor of Science but, there are two universities offering what seems to be the same course (Business and Management) however one University is doing it as a BSc and the other is doing it as BA. Whats the difference in this?
Who pays to do a degree at University?

So overall, is it even worth doing the HNC and HND as well as a degree or should I just go with just doing the degree?


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