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Poll: Which economics programme is better?
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Which economics programme is better regarded generally: Birmingham University's or Edinburgh University's? I'd like to know especially career-wise.

I have seen many university tables, and most of them seem to indicate that Edin is the better of the two, at least in terms of job prospects. I have also consulted the TAELT tables posted as a Sticky in this forum, and they also seem to show the same thing, but focusing on different information.

I know that I should be wary of the info provided by these resources, and that is exactly the cause behind the creation of this poll. With this poll, I seek to know the perceptions people have about these Universities in an effort to really know which of the two is the better one in terms of job prospects. I'm basically looking for subjective honest answers. It is not necessary that the poll participant knows a great deal about the Universities; I only require honesty with the answers.

If possible, I'd like the poll participants to show why they voted the way they voted as a comment. This is so that I get a feel of the person's level of knowledge regarding the matter.

PS: One of the votes is mine, so I'm going to require a bit more info to make a decision. The decision needs to be taken ASAP, by the way, so I would highly appreciate honest input.

Thank you

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