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Royal Marines Officer Questions. (Also Considering Army) watch

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    I am 24
    Have a Degree (Media)
    3 GCSE's

    I am aware that to Join as an Officer you have to have completed training before you are 26.
    That you need either a degree or A levels
    Plus 5 GCSE's C and above.

    Training Takes 16 months.
    I understand the selection process even prior to training takes months.

    So I am estimating that that it takes at least a year and a half.

    considering I am 24 years and 5 months old (feb 1990) I will be too old in a months time.

    to pass the criteria I will need two more GCSEs which I am fine with doing but no matter how fast I do the work I need to wait until the exams are on. which will not be within the month.

    I am told that they are very strict on the GCSE's and Age.

    I have been told that it is possible to join as a Commando and try to get Commission but have been told very little about the chances of that actually happening.

    I ambitiously have my heart set on being an Officer in a combat role and my first choice is the Royal Marines. My second choice is to Join the Army as an Officer. If the chances are realistic my third choice is to join the Royal Marines as a Commando aiming to be commissioned.

    My questions are

    considering my options of age and time to become academically eligible.

    If I join as a Commando, what must I do to be commissioned?

    Is it possible in any other way to become a RM Officer other than being joining as a RM Commando and being commissioned?

    I'm aware that the Officer requirements are almost the same for the Army & Royal Marines (I'm aware the army requires more GCSE's.)
    But seeing as the Army is a larger organisation with more combat roles than the Royal Marines. Are the Army more flexible with the criteria?

    if the answer is no then I would ask the same questions that I have asked of the Royal Marines but in regards to the Army instead.

    Thank you

    The services have an expression called The Seven Ps

    Proper Preparation and Planning Prevents **** Poor Performance.

    You have to face reality. A commission isn't going to happen. Applying in expectation of missing GCSEs isn't going to get you anywhere. Sure, you'd breeze through them, but you won't have enough time and you'll miss the age cut-off.

    There's a couple of things you can try, but none of them are ideal.

    You can try joining Royal as a bloke and trying to get commissioned. The problem with this is two-fold. Firstly, it takes ages to join, you will be on the old side as a nod and there's nothing saying you will definitely pass training.

    Secondly, unlike the Army things in the marines move very slowly. It's a small organisation and promotion is very slow - you have to wait for someone above you to make room. You would have to show that you are an exceptional candidate and make it clear to your bosses (your TS and TC) that you are looking to be commissioned. This may not be a smart move as you may not actually be the best candidate in the section, let alone the troop or company. The marines do have some very smart boys in there. In all likelihood, a commission won't happen, and it will take you the better part of 10 years to become a corporal, if ever.

    Option 2, you can try the Army. Everything in the Army moves relatively quicker because it's a larger organisation and there is a larger turnover of personnel.

    Get your GCSEs whilst waiting for your Army application (as a soldier) to go through. Join the Army in one of the roles where they let you pre-select a Commando role (realistically this is Artilllery or Engineers). The downside of Engineers is that everyone wants to do it - but it's obviously a much better job.

    Get yourself through training and try and excel at everything. Do well at trade training, and make sure you get on the Commando Course. Realistically, you want to get posted to 29, which is a fantabulous unit. You then want to try and get yourself commissioned on the fast track. This will be relatively easier as most gunners are really, really dumb. If all goes well, you will be a commando trained Army officer. The downside is that the Army may not post you back to your unit of origin.

    This is an extraordinarily high-risk strategy, and relies on many, many things going your way, any of which could fail, and also the dubious idea of having bosses amenable to your plans.

    Even if you tried the above plan with the line infantry, it would be very risky. There's a good chance you would simply be ignored and stuck in a rifle company as a bloke for years until you sign off or soldier on.
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